The Best Dressed Awards At The 2012 Espys


 The 20th Espy Awards. The 20th anything is a big milestone, and for the biggest sports event in the world, it’s an even bigger deal. That’s why the ESPY Red Carpet is a good place to be. The athletes and celebrities pull out all the stops, dressing and looking their best.

Here are some of our favourites.

Most put together award

Walking pair of gigantic eyes and actress Zooey Deschanel turned out for the show, looking stylish in an Oscar de la Renta dress, Sergio Rossi shoes, earrings by Dana Rebecca Designs, and an Edie Parker clutch. The belt really brings it together, though.

Happiest smiles award

Juwan Howard and Mike Miller hold their award for Best Team and look at us like the cameraman has just burst into a pile of puppies and rainbows and world peace.

While a pinstriped suit with pink handkerchief against a blue shirt and tie is a bold choice, Miller kind of makes it work. Even better is Howard’s dark suit against a patterned shirt.

Coolest talking head award

Holy cow, you guys got Jeremy Renner to announce the Best Male Athlete award!

Any awards show that has Jeremy Renner on it instantly amps up the cred factor. It just makes your awards event better.  I think the moment he stepped out onto stage, a hundred terrible SPIKE TV awards ceremonies burst into smoke.

Here, Renner looks, well, like Jeremy Renner; stylish and put-together, in a BOSS Black suit and Lanvin shoes.

Strangest talking head award

Well, on one hand, you’ve got Jeremy Renner, but on the other, you’ve got, uh, Rob Lowe giving an award to Eric LeGrand. Rob Lowe? I know the guy’s recently rekindled his career, but that’s still a weird moment. Still, check out those gorgeous suits.

Best belt award

Actually everything about Lamar Odom’s outfit looks great, from the handkerchief to the jacket to the dark trousers. But the belt is what really makes everything work. That belt ties that whole shebang together. Next to it, Bruce Jenner’s shiny pinstripes and black-on-black tie just kind of fades into the background.

Best three-piece award

Steve Nash knows how to wear a suit, when he’s not busy skateboarding. Check out that black ensemble, set against a purple tie and patterned shirt. Clean lines and great colour coordination. Danica Patrick is awesome, but she kind of looks like Strawberry Shortcake in comparison.

Most hairiest award

We were going to give it to the Brosquatch, but Brian Wilson’s beard just barely nudges him out. SFG pitcher Brian Wilson didn’t attempt to top last year’s penguin suit, but instead went for an awesome three-piece with a splash of patterned tie for contrast.

Most out of character award

This one goes to LeBron James, who accepted his Best Male Athlete award looking like he was just told about it seconds before, and had to roll out of bed and into whatever he could put on in time. But I suppose if you’re on a forty-foot tall screen and you’re Best Male Athlete, who cares how you look?

Best dressed award

Brittney Griner, who stormed her way through the NCAA Division I women’s basketball championship, taking Baylor U to the top, and nabbing herself Best Female Athlete. Here, she schools us all on how to look good in a grey vest and trousers suit, matched with high-collared pink shirt.

Second best dressed award

Jeremy Lin, in a charcoal worsted wool suit, peaks and snazzy patterned bowtie. The man really knows how to dress himself.

Most traditional award

Indiana U’s Christian Watford, who took Best Play in a clean-cut black suit, white shirt, and wide black tie. Tasteful, a little on the forgettable side, but classy.

Coolest Person On The Planet Award

Um, Brittney Griner. Obviously.



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