It’s All About The Shave


Her delicate fingertips glide across your smooth cheek, tracing your jawline, down your neck. She’s mesmerized by the softness of your skin in contrast with the manly cut of your face; she knows you take care of yourself. Believe it or not, the way you shave can be as important in gaining a mate as a peacock’s feathers are to him.

Thusly, the tools you use in preening yourself are important; you should both enjoy the process and appreciate the result.


Safety razors, with their sleek style and cost-efficient blades, are coming back into fashion with men who want to spend less on a better shave while also cutting back on the waste of disposable razors.

Safety razors vary in style that largely affects practicability. Edwin Jagger products are handsome and renowned for the quality of the craftsmanship, but some reviews point out that they may not be the easiest to use.

Pictured: Edwin Jagger DE89 Chrome, $40

Other products, like the iKon H2O, are not as sleek but handle better due to weight and knurling on the handle.

Pictured: iKon H2O, $155

When choosing a safety razor, read reviews, and speak to barbers about what to look for–and be sure to handle some to test the weight and feel in your hand. The initial investment in time and research will be worthwhile in the end.


Shaving brushes are as important an investment as the razor you use, but their function is so much less understood. “It’s all about preparing the skin: exfoliating and lifting the hairs before the shave,” says Maria Mosher, owner of Hamilton’s Maverick Studio for Men.

The best shaving brushes are made with badger hair, and the finer the hair used, the better the quality of brush. Badger hair makes for an excellent brush since it naturally absorbs water and can create a rich lather that is essential for cleansing, exfoliating and lubrication. Again, these brushes can be expensive, but the investment is well worth the result.

Pictured: Silver Tip Badger Hair Shaving Brush, by Baxter of Californa, $90


High-quality shaving products such as facial exfoliants, pre-shave lotions, shaving creams or soaps and moisturizing aftershave lotions are vital to achieving an excellent shave. Understanding that the skin on your face will be irritated and toughened by daily shaving may help you accept that this kind of pampering is not only necessary for a better shave, but will also keep your skin healthy and well-cared-for.

Look for products made with predominantly natural and organic ingredients (99% or more), since your skin will take in nourishment from whatever you are applying to it.

Preparing yourself in such a daily regiment will take some time, but it is time well-spent, and time well-deserved. Especially when first using safety razors, give yourself a good amount of time to prepare your skin, exfoliate, lather, and shave. Relax and enjoy the process; the resulting calm may help you even to prepare for your day.


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