Making Sporty Clothes Fashionable

If you value comfort above anything else when it comes to clothing (and if you are a man, you definitely do), there are ways to wear comfy pieces in a fashionable way and to look trendy even in a hoodie and shorts. 

If sporty and comfortable clothing is what you love to wear most, there’s no reason you should give it up for some dressy pants, if that’s not your thing (you will only feel and look like you are not in your own skin)! Still, while I admire men’s passion for sports—and I’m not being sarcastic here (I don’t think there’s anything like it in the world!)—their appreciation should not extend beyond giving their full support (either in presence at the game or just in spirit), through endless discussions about it in the pub, to proudly carrying the colours of their favourite team at the game. Outside the pitch, not so much.

I’m not trying to disqualify sports jerseys & trainers as fashionable outfits, but I do want to show you how to give them a more stylish twist. You will still feel super comfy, and fashionable at the same time.

Instead of your gym shorts, try a cut off jean or chino shorts. Make sure that they hit at the knee or an inch or two above the knee. And try to keep the bagginess to a minimum. I know comfort is important, but don’t sag your shorts too much. Swag should speak though your personality, not from how baggy your shorts are. Firetrap, Bud Light and Top Shop, have great offering of all the above.

When it comes to tops, replace your t-shirt with a still sporty and comfy polo. The ones with check printed collars, ore sewed on the outside pockets are taking the lead this season. A small detail, like wooden buttons can also make all the difference. Make sure they are the right fit as well.

I know sporty usually means loose, but to look cool and like you are ‘in the know’ stick to your usual size and let it sit on your chest properly (don’t let it be too tight either).

Penguin, Farah, Firetrap and Hollister should be your shopping destination this season.

As for the outerwear, there’s nothing like a hoodie, or—making its big come-back this season—a gilet (A fleece or knitted vest, for you canucks and yanks out there – Ed.). There’s no way you can make it look fashionable, you think? You couldn’t be more wrong. There are lots of brands offering your favorite piece of clothing in a modded way—with check or fur hoods (that will make every girl want to cuddle on your shoulder!) or shirt look-a-like inserts. 

There are some with (as mentioned earlier) wooden buttons or linen straps. The same goes for gilets. The most-wanted ones have fabric inserts on the top and around the pockets, or are simply made of different fabric (fleece or even knitted ones).
You can find all the above in classic brands like Ralph Lauren, or Abercrombie, Urban Outfitters.

You can always try a hooded shirt, that is a looser fit to the regular ones, or combine your hoodie with a shirt or a sweater over a shirt underneath, which this season will distinguish a fashionable man amongst others.

Hope these little changes to your comfy outfits are not too drastic for your liking, but I can assure you, can make all the difference in your appearance.

This is a guest post by Dublin-based fashion blogger Ania Formela. You can read more of her work at 4getMeN0t. She’s also on Facebook.


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