3 Of The Most Romantic NBA Couples

 Grant and Tamia Hill

Grant Hill, legendary forward for the Phoenix Suns met his lovely bride to be Tamia via singer Anita Blake. Married in 1999, the couple has since kept their vows strong for 13 years and counting. Life together didn’t happen so easily though. In 2003, Tamia was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, a severe disorder of the nervous system while Grant suffered a 6-month battle with a life threatening bacterial infection.

Despite this, the Hill Family remained strong by following core values of grace, charisma and triumph over adversity. When asked by the Huffington Post on how she keeps her marriage strong Tamia said, “Obviously I’m not the same person that I was at 24, and he’s not the same person that he was. But we also together allowed each other to grow as well and stay connected at the same time.” While juggling celebrity careers as an NBA star and Grammy-award winning singer, Grant and Tamia also devote themselves to charitable initiatives including much needed funding for a daycare in New Haven and advocating for awareness campaigns on the arts education, literacy and health. Together, the couple were honoured at the 365 Black Awards for their outstanding commitment to their love for each other and those in need.

Carmelo Anthony and Lala Vasquez

After spending ages in the dating arena, Carmelo Anthony of the New York Knicks and La La Vasquez finally got married in 2010 with their son Kiyan escorting mom down the aisle.

Originally introduced to her via DJ Clue, their friendship evolved into a passionate relationship within one short month. The NBA All-Star and MTV talk-show host made their status as a hot celebrity couple official in a lavish, star-studded celebration broadcasted on the show La La’s Full Court Wedding.

A fun interview with ESPN reveals though that these two lovebirds aren’t so much occupied with the media frenzy as they are with each other. “I’m a pretty avid believer of making time for what’s important to me. He’s important to me so I arrange my schedule around [the season],” said La La, regarding how they balanced both of their lives whilst operating on strict schedules. And although they seem to have opposite personalities at first sight, the two make things work because, “I’m really outgoing and he lives up to his name, being a very mellow type of person. So, it kind of balances out…”

Ultimately, the two stick together by enduring both the good and the bad with a hint of humour.

Keyshia Cole and Daniel Gibson

Singer Keyshia Cole and Cleveland Cavaliers player Daniel Gibson were just about done with love when they found each other through a shared stylist. “I was kind of through with relationships. I didn’t feel like guys were mature enough,” said Keysha, in a televised interview. Daniel Gibson echoed the same lack of trust in his past relationships, “We were kind of losing faith in love.” Instead of meeting each other immediately, the singles slowly talked their way into each other’s hearts via deep conversations about spirituality and family.

And according to Gibson, it was their raw emotional connection that finally made them meet in person and eventually become husband and wife in 2011. On getting his dream girl, Gibson said, “If she’s the one and you hear it and feel it [From God], commit your mind, body and soul to make it work so that you can be the man God wants you to be. That’s the only way you’ll make it work.” Although we may be distracted by how cute they are together in front of the camera, it was healing together and growing their faith in the power of love that lead these starlets to say “I do” and live happily ever after.



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