Chilling On The Thompson Rooftop Lounge

The Thompson is one of Toronto’s swankiest hotels, and there’s nothing swankier than the Thompson rooftop lounge, a fully served outdoor patio and lounge perched overlooking the Toronto skyline. The lounge is prized for its private events, which is why Marta Tryshak chose it to throw her exclusive Cocktails Before Sex shindig.

Any party thrown by Tryshak won’t be any ordinary party. Tryshak is a celebrity blogger, whose work on her site has made her a big thing in marketing circles, allowing to work with big names like David’s Tea and La Vie En Rose.

Cocktails Before Sex was invite-only, but with her usual candor, Tryshak allowed her readers to write in and get their names added to the list. If you were a vocal fan of Tryshak and her blog, chances are you had a chance to have cocktails with her on the rooftop lounge. And you would have seen how extraordinary a venue it is.

Making your way up to the Thompson Rooftop Lounge is like moving into another world, starting with the elevators. The Thompson’s elevators are black pods, shiny carapaces, with white lights that make you feel like you’re in a science fiction film. They roar up quickly with a slowly building growl, culminating with the rooftop destination.

Then, the doors open and you walk out onto a hall that looks out over the rooftop pool, which in the evening begins to change colour, from vibrant blues to pinks to greens to oranges. Straight ahead, you can see the CN Tower, lit up.

In fact, once you head out of the hallway and into the lounge and onto its patio, you realize that you can see pretty much all of Toronto. The wraparound views lets you take a full 360-degree gander at the Toronto skyline. That view is the major draw of the Thompson rooftop lounge, and it is killer.

Even with DJ Brendan Fallis laying down some Euro beats, the party was quieter and more intimate than you’d expect, bathed in warm colours from the lights or from the flames of the flickering hooded braziers dotting the patio.

The lounge itself is all tall ceilings, sharps lines and pillars, and the patio is extremely comfortable. The flooring is softer than what you’re used to, easier on the feet, and really, you can’t ask for a better view. Meanwhile, the staff is friendly and the menu great.

Although it officially started at 6, the party didn’t really get going until the sun set, but it did draw a few celebrity guests, including Joffrey Lupul of the Maple Leafs, and Stephen Dorf, here in Toronto for Zaytoun, directed by Eran Riklis.

If you’re unable to make it out to a private party here, the rooftop lounge still makes for a great destination during the day. The wraparound view bathes the patio in sunlight, and makes the lounge feel austere, the sharp lines of the architecture thrown into relief. Like the elevators, it feels futuristic, and like a lot of venues in Toronto, there’s really nothing like it.


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