The 5 Best Musicians Playing Today (Who You Haven’t Heard Of)


I get bored with music very quickly. I am constantly on the hunt for awesome new tunes, and some may even make it onto the epic gym playlist. But that’s beside the point. There are loads of musicians out there, which make it hard to narrow down the search of good ones. The time spent researching new artists and listening to clips of songs is a long process, but I have cut that process out for you; here is a list of 5 musicians you should probably check out. I assure a good time for your ear buds.

Knife Party

Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen are the masterminds behind electro/house/dub step Knife Party. Founded in 2011, Knife Party has silently started to take off, and their song ‘Bonfire’ has been featured on an episode of the duo’s favourite show, Breaking Bad. Knife Party is a great find if you’re into the whole house/dubstep scene. If you’re sick of Skrillex and Deadmau5 and want something new but along the same lines, I highly recommend checking out Knife Party.

Nu Sensae

This Vancouver based trio pounds out the noise. The music is gritty, fast paced and to the point. If you’re into the punk and grunge genre, Nu Sensae is for you. Vocalist/bassist Andrea Lukic is very Courtney Love but angrier and better. Lukic’s vocals shriek perfectly over the coarse music, and the songs are short but fast. Everything from the drums to the guitars is what music should be about. Fast, heavy and no Autotune correcting mistakes.


If there is such thing as a super classy rapper, DWHY is just that. He is a sharply dressed rapping machine. When I first stumbled upon DWHY, he was rapping over Wiz Khalifa and Chidlish Gambino songs.

Just recently, DWHY released a 17-track mix tape, Don’t Flatter Yourself, that showcases how talented he really is. It’s all original music that you grow to love after just one listen. It’s catchy and different. He raps about macchiatos and dressing nice instead of bitches and hoes, which is a much-needed break in the rap game these days.

Niki & The Dove

Sweden produces good musicians. That’s a fact. They know their music and how to perfect it. Niki & The Dove is no exception; the electro pop trio hailing from Stockholm has it all – amazing vocals, catchy synthetic pop music and great hooks. The music consumes you from the start. It leaves you wanting more or at the very least repeating ‘DJ Ease My Mind’ a million times. Everything about Niki & The Dove is worth checking out.

Eagle Twin

Eagle Twin could loosely be described as doom metal, and the music is mostly lengthy instrumental pieces with Gentry Densley gruff vocals laid over top. I think the best word to describe this band is grim. But here’s the thing: it’s grim metal that pulls you in. 

Whether you are into pop, rap or punk, experiencing new music is always exciting. It lets you break out of old habits of listening to the same ten bands on repeat. If none of these musicians seem to do it for you, I’m sure while searching for them you have already stumbled upon the next big thing.



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