The Good, The Bad and The Ugly


It’s been quite the eventful offseason in the NBA, with huge trades, free agent signings and even a relocation of a team. As the summer closes and the days draw closer to training camp, let’s look back to gauge the success and failures of certain decisions this offseason.


1. Brooklyn Nets: The move from New Jersey to Brooklyn is the one of best things to happen to this organization in recent memory.

Going from the outskirts of New York City into one of its boroughs instantly increases name recognition of a team needing to compete with the Knicks.

Brooklyn Nets: just the name alone has a better ring to it than what was in New Jersey.

Even with the success of the team during the Jason Kidd years and making the finals, there was never really sustained media coverage or any fan interest to help build the franchise into a winner. Therefore this move couldn’t have come fast enough. It’ll help the Nets should take on the Big Apple with the help of Jay-Z and a Russian billionaire owner.

2. The Lakers had a great summer this season; they got two of best free agents on the market and established themselves as a force in the West.

Well, we all knew Steve Nash’s time in Phoenix playing for the Suns was numbered, but going to a division rival in the Lakers was unexpected.

Leaving a rebuilding project to a championship contender in the Lakers is a great way for Nash to finish up his hall of fame career. This allows Nash a shot at that elusive championship ring, aided by Kobe, Gasol and Metta World Peace.

Another great move in improving their chances of winning it all this season, however, is the signing of free agent Dwight Howard. He will be the next Shaq in LA, a larger than life personality with championships to match.

3. Ray Allen going to the Heat and taking his talents to south beach in the pursuit of helping LeBron James chase down Jordan for championships.

One of the greatest shooters ever, Allen will play a key role in freeing up space for Wade and James while being a three point threat every time he steps on the court.

Allen should get plenty of open looks this upcoming season, and create an even more dynamic offence for the Heat. With his experience including the playoffs, the Heat are once again the team to beat this season.


1. Not really a move, but bad luck for a team in desperate need of improvement.

The Charlotte Bobcats had one of the worst season in the NBA ever, and, to add further insult, lost out on getting the first pick in this year’s draft. They missed a chance on getting Anthony Davis, who was, by all accounts a franchise player and a future NBA star. Lifting themselves out of the basement of the league will be an even tougher ordeal, unless Michael Jordan has another comeback.

2. The Raptors’ loss in not being able to sign free agent Steve Nash while trying to block the Knicks from doing so by overpaying for Landry Fields.

Bryan Colangelo knows first-hand the positive impact Nash would have had on his teammates and the organization.

Therefore Colangelo played all his cards in one move, hoping to win big by bringing Nash to the Raptors. It ultimately backfired, and what could have been one of the best signing in franchise history turned into the afterthought of the summer.

Nash, the greatest Canadian basketball player, leading the nation’s only NBA team would have been the talk of the country and a marketing team’s dream. The fan enthusiasm and buzz around the city would have been enormous, but, alas, the Raptors had to settle for Landry Fields.


Guest at 17 Sep 2012

Jared Jeffries?! I'm assuming you mean Landry Fields.

Editor at 17 Sep 2012

Yes, you are correct. Fixed.

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