The Solid Core Workout


Picture a great core physique. Did you think of a well-cut six pack? Thought so. Although getting flat, hard abs is definitely a side effect of working out your core, it’s not the only muscle you need to think about. Developing a strong, stable core involves doing exercises that engage your oblique or hip muscles as well as your erector spinae, your lower back among many others. In this guide to a core workout, we’ll discuss three solid exercises that will strengthen your core as well as diet tips to straighten out your midsection.

Begin your workout with the basic sit up. Although it might feel boring, it’ll prep you for the more challenging workouts ahead. When doing a sit up, keep your back straight and knees close to the upper body as much as possible. The more you can feel your core move with each sit up, the more you are engaging your core muscles to push your body’s weight without the assistance of your legs. Try to do three sets of 20 or more until you feel your muscles really working in your back and abdomen. Remember, correct form is key—your goal is to build endurance, not strain.

Once you can effortlessly pull off 50-100 sit ups without breaking too much of a sweat, try this tricky maneuver—place both your arms on the mat and lift your legs, keeping them bent at a 90 degree angle. Then slowly lower your legs until they are straight and hold them above the mat for 10 seconds at a time. While you’ll struggle to accomplish 10 reps without stopping at first, you will be able to do 30 reps straight with time. Thus, start with three sets of 10 and then increase the number of reps per set as much as you can.

If you thought the previous exercise was hard, try this—spelling the letters of the alphabet out with your feet both forward and backward without letting your toes touch the ground. Simply spread your arms and keep them on the mat, while lifting both your legs together to trace the letters of the alphabet in the air.

As much as your core will burn at letter B, trying to get better at this exercise step by step will give you a core workout like nothing else. The reason behind this is because this exercise forces you to move your legs in a wide variety of motions that requires almost every muscle in your core. Thus, it’ll give you an all-around amazing core once you can master it.

In addition to consistently doing these three exercises every other day, maintaining a diet that is low in trans and saturated fats will keep flab from building up in your mid-section. Eat a high fibre breakfast and break lunch and dinner into 4-6 smaller meals to be consumed every 2 hours or so. This will keep you feeling energized enough to complete tough core workouts without feeling hungry or weak in the process. Supplying your body with the necessary nutriments to build your core muscle and prevent fat from building up is essential experience the muscle growth that you desire.

Ready to try these exercises out? We hope you are. Don’t be discouraged if the exercises feel awkward and difficult at first. Slowly get the feel of each step and do each exercise in as good form as possible. Within a few months, you’ll be a lot closer to getting a sick six pack than before.


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