The Top 5 Ugliest Jerseys In NBA History


A jersey should be a simple thing. A basketball jersey should be even simpler due to the size of it. It’s not hard really, pick a good colour scheme, throw the name across the chest, and add a number and you are set. It would be difficult to mess that up right? Wrong. Ugly colours are picked with horrible shading and—my all time favourite—they try to add something else into that mess. When teams overdo it, that’s when the disastrous monstrosities happen.

It’s hard to narrow down the jerseys to just five. There are many ugly NBA jerseys out there. Some teams even have repeat offenders–they didn’t learn the first time.

#1 Toronto Raptors – Camouflage Jersey

I understand paying respect to the armed forces. I appreciate it but this is by far the worst NBA jersey to grace the courts. At what point did anyone think this would be a good idea? To make an entire jersey completely camouflage might just be one of the worst ideas ever. A much better idea would have been to put a strip of camouflage pattern down the sides. The less camouflage the better; I guess the Raptors missed that memo.

Because, the Raptors had such a hideous jersey with the camouflage incident I thought I should mention their 95-99 road jersey which was an abomination. The purple jersey matched with the horrible font and ridiculous red dinosaur looks very childish [there are, of course, other opinions – Ed.]. It is not what an NBA player should be wearing. Though it’s a close call the camouflage jersey is the worst of the two.

#2 Milwaukee Bucks Alternate Jersey 96-97

There is a reason why this jersey is an alternate. It is ridiculous. The angry buck that starts to fade out near the bottom is one of the worst graphics. First off, an angry buck shouldn’t be on any jersey. There is no feeling of intimidation from looking at this jersey. If anything, you feel sorry for whoever is wearing it. The antlers of the buck are all entangled with the word Bucks across the top. Everything is too close together and jumbled on the jersey. The Milwaukee Bucks should have gone with a ‘less is more’ attitude for this alternate jersey.

#3 Atlanta Hawks Road 95-99

This jersey and the Milwaukee Bucks have a lot in common. Both have an animal logo plastered on the front. Both animals are angry. Both animals shouldn’t be there. The black to red gradient on the Hawks jersey was, I’m sure, to catch peoples’ eyes but instead does the opposite. To me, jerseys should have a solid base colour. Don’t try and switch it up; it just ends up looking awful.

#4 Washington Wizards 04-09

Gold is not a good look on anyone, especially in basketball. Please keep in mind that the Sacramento Kings did not realize this either. Remember their gold alternate jersey circa 2005-06.

#5 San Antonio Spurs

While the Spurs’ jersey is in no way offensive or all that atrocious, it’s boring. It could look very sharp with the black and white colour scheme, but instead falls short all because of the cartoon ‘U’ looking spur.

Realistically it’s hard to rate ugly jerseys. Some are so ugly that they might be considered cool. The old ones are now considered retro which makes them popular. But these top 5 are by far ugly in every aspect.

Bottom line: Bad colour choices and ugly logos make for an ugly article of sports clothing. 


Cameron at 17 Oct 2014

Are u kidding me! The raptors retro Jersey is one of the best in history. The Bucks retro is also a stunner and the Hawks! There Jersey is the best in my mind and in every sensible human. Mate you have brought many tears to my eyes!

Toopie at 21 Dec 2014

This guy must be high, the raptors jerseys are on point. Why do you think other teams want the camo jerseys. You live in a black and white world mate, try something new.

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