TIFF Red Carpet

Hollywood’s A-listers certainly know how to make an impression on the red carpet.

The amazing Marion Cotillard strutted up the carpet for the premiere of Rust & Bones in a silver shoulder-less gown designed to mess up the cameras taking pictures.

And leave it to Christina Hendricks to skip the gowns entirely and show up in a gorgeous black dress suit.

Kristen Stewart arrived on scene for the premiere of On The Road, in a vibrantly coloured sheer/floral gown by Beirut deisgner Zuhair Murad..

Joining her were co-stars Garrett Hedlung and Kirsten Dunst. Dunst went the opposite direction of Stewart, wearing a classically-cut, floor-length sequined gown.

Meanwhile the male stars declared war on ties. They had the jackets; they just decided to head out into the summer air with their necks bare. Garret Hedlund stands at the premiere of On The Road in a blue shirt, sharp collars, black jacket, and what appears to be no belt.

Bruce Willis gives us his version of the no-tie look, at the Looper premiere, in a black jacket and salmon shirt.

Matthias Schoeaerts, co-star of Cotillard in Rust & Bone, eschewed colour altogether, with this black on black ensemble.

Of course, leave it to upstart Joseph Gordon-Levitt to buck the trend. Levitt not only tied it up, but went for pinstripes as well. Looking good.


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