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The season is almost here, which means players are working harder than ever to get ready. Of course, it’s not good to work yourself to the bone without taking some time to rest. Most players use the summer as a chance to recuperate, or to take a vacation. Some use it to practice, or play in the summer leagues.

We caught up with a few Toronto Raptors to ask them about what they did over the summer. Tell us a couple things you did, not basketball related, over the summer.

Amir Johnson: Not basketball related? Sleep. Get some rest. Want the body to heal. [Went home to] LA.

DeMar DeRozan: Sleep, sleep and more sleep

Jonas Valanciunas: I like the nature. I like being in the natural place. Lakes, pools, I like fishing, I like hunting. Easy things. I spend a lot of time with my friends.

Ed Davis: Went on a couple of trips. Bahamas with some friends. I don’t know, I did the usual, I guess. Are you approached more in your hometown, or pretty much left alone?

Amir Johnson: I’m very relaxed person. So I don’t get bothered a lot. What I like to do for fun is chill, maybe go to movies. I do like to travel. I like to travel to at least three places over the summer. I went to Australia, I went to Hawaii, and the DR. (Dominican Republic )

DeMar DeRozan: (laughing) Who’s gonna bother me, I live in LA. You forgot where I live?! It’s pretty much chill there anyways.

Jonas Valanciunas: I’m left alone, but you know, I used to it—but for me, it’s not a problem to give an autograph, or take a picture; it’s not a cost to me. Even on a date. (laughing)

Ed Davis: I’m cool back home. I give back to the community, so people don’t bother me. I keep everything low profile; I don’t think I’m better than anyone. I’m good when I go back home. Everyone can’t say that. (laughing, referring to Amir J) At what point in the summer did you start itching to get back on the court?

Amir Johnson: I always stay in the weight room or on the court. As soon as the season’s over, I’m in the waiting room, to get myself prepared.

DeMar DeRozan: Probably two weeks after our season was over.

Jonas Valanciunas: I took like two weeks off and then started practicing on my own.

Ed Davis: Only took two weeks off, and then I got right back at it. You know, I played summer league, so I didn’t take that much time off, so there wasn’t a point where I was like, “Oh my GD, I’ve gotta play.” I was always going. There seems to be a two week theme here. Maybe it’s the law! During the grueling NBA season, what do you do to unwind? 

Amir Johnson: Probably eat, just hang out with my girlfriend.

DeMar DeRozan: Just sleep. Relax, Let my body rest. Tomorrow I’m back at it.

Jonas Valanciunas: What I need to do is rest, sleep, rest, you know, proper food, but, you know, you still have time for some fun activities, like going to a movie, or hanging out with a friend,

Ed Davis: Postseason, I take two weeks off, I don’t touch a basketball, I don’t do anything. [During the season], just rest, man, stay off your legs is the main thing, you know? Don’t do a whole lot of running around, going to the mall—stay off your legs, is the main thing. If you could pick one thing with which to unwind, which would you pick? A glass of wine, a couch and a movie, X-Box, or Kim Kardashian?

Amir Johnson: Couch and a movie.

DeMar DeRozan: Couch and a movie.

Jonas Valanciunas: Couch and a movie, (pause) with Kim Kardashian (laughing)

Ed Davis: Kim K. 


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