NBA Footwear, Off the Court

Don’t be fooled. The men of the NBA know a thing or two about accessorizing. Yes, they live mostly in basketball sneakers but when it’s time to hit the town, these guys have some incredible style.

To inspire your fall wardrobes, we’ve decided to find our favourite feet in the NBA. These shoe choices will easily take you through the season, as we’ve chosen easy-to-wear, versatile, fail-safe styles.

Check out our favourite NBA footwear, off the court.

The Desert Boot

Derrick Rose and Chris Paul show us just how versatile these shoes can be. Still on-trend and occupying a large space in our shoe-centric heart, the desert lace-up can be worn with virtually any outfit this year. For fall, pair it with jewel tone trousers, like oxblood or emerald. Wear them with dark jeans and throw on your favourite leather or denim jacket. When the weather gets chilly, put on your skinny jeans and scrunch a pair of wool socks around your ankle and lower calf for a trendy – albeit a bit hipster – look.

The Classic Lace-Up

Chris Paul does it again, this time in a classic, polished brown lace-up. Once considered only a dress shoe, these lace-ups are making a big splash in the casual dress scene. As you can tell, they go wonderfully with distressed denim. You can also pair them with a pair of camel or mustard yellow trousers for a stylish fall look.

Although it was difficult to capture a great showcase of the shoes, you can see Dwight Howard wore a similar pair while dancing his way through Ellen in September:

We must admit, the rest of this look isn’t winning us over. However, it’s a great example of these lace-ups paired with a dressed up look. Take our advice, though – do not pair a bubblegum pink dress shirt with a grey vest and no jacket. Just don’t do it.

The New Black Sneaker

Carmelo Anthony knows how to pick a sneaker. Patent leather is a popular texture this season, and opting for a sleek sneaker with high-tops gives Anthony bonus points in our book. Aside from their easy-to-wear nature, these shoes will last. While canvas and leather shoes will wear quickly and need regular cleaning, patent leather is easier to care for. Simply wipe them down with a wet cloth to remove smudges, and apply a clear nail polish if you happen to scuff them. Other than that, a quick spray of weather-repellent shoe polish every once in a while will keep them looking new.

Amar’e Stoudemire wins our heart with this look. Fashionable and adorable, this look is perfect for daytime or nighttime. The shoes are easy to dress up or down – as he proves here. But don’t be too ambitious. Leave these sneakers at home when you head to the office, but pair them with neutral, skinny trousers or jeans any other time.

Loafers With Hardware

Whether they be suede or leather, canvas or rubber, it seems that loafers can do no wrong these days. Especially on Carmelo Anthony. These loafers are dreamy beyond belief, and can easily be paired with some of those on-trend shades for fall. Opt for a loafer with a cuff, strap or other metal embellishment. Wear them with navy blue trousers, maroon skinnies or distressed denim. Have fun with colourful and patterned socks on cool days.

Dwyane Wade steps out in a pair that, we must admit, would look a little nicer with socks. Wear your soft leather or suede sans-sock, but when it comes to going commando in structured leather like this, your feet tend to look a little naked. Besides, there is so much eccentric soft-pairing potential here, how could you pass it up?

For those of you waiting for us to mention Wade’s own brand of loafers on this list, worry not. We would never offend your eyes or senses of fashion with such offensive accessories. Wait a minute…

Image source

… Yes we would. I mean really, you need to see these. While Wade has a pretty decent sense of style on a regular day, there must have been something funny in the peace pipe on the day these were conceived. Wear them at your own risk.

Most of these styles are easy to find and we’re betting that at least one – if not all – of them will look great on you. Try a few styles to see what meshes best with your wardrobe.



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