Spend Like An NBA Player

How would you spend an eight figure salary? I’d start with a home, a car, some gorgeous clothes and, of course, some charitable donations. The boys of the NBA have a similar mind-set, and love to spend that money. 

Every now and then, an article surfaces about a newly purchased home or car. We see the wives of NBA players dressed to the nines, driving Lamborghinis. While it’s pretty obvious that these guys live in the lap of luxury, I wondered just how much of that money they’re spending. For example, is the mega mansion sucking up a huge percentage of that contract salary? We’re curious, competitive creatures and, fight it as we may, the instinct to look inside the lives of others is hard to ignore.

So, as most of us won’t make it to eight figures, let’s indulge in some vicarious retail therapy.

Chris Paul

Raking in a cool $17, 779,457 this year alone, Chris Paul is one of the NBA’s 20 highest paid lads. Because of that, we weren’t shocked to see him purchase Avril Lavigne’s old Bel Air pad for $8.5 million. With features like a ten-car garage, private gym and wine cellar, consider this the home of our dreams.

Most of us are familiar with Chris’ other sporting interest – bowling. Not because he’s a world champ, but because he regularly organizes fundraisers and charity events in the form of bowling competitions. 

Chris’ bowling tournaments are supported by his charity CP3 Foundation, which was founded in 2005 and offers support programs for kids in under-funded communities in New Orleans and Winston-Salem. He recruits sponsors, athletes and other celebrities for participation.

Kobe Bryant

Kobe is the highest paid NBA star, making an annual salary of $27,849,000. If you want to see the car collection that’s occupying so much of Kobe’s pay cheque, check out his $10 million garage. It includes beauties like this $329,000 Ferrari that Kobe picked up last March.

Kobe is known for his car affinity, but is no stranger to the luxury home market. While his divorce is placing doubt on whether or not Kobe will continue to own property in the Newport Coast area, the current approximate value of his three properties in the area ranges from $15 to $18 million. 

He’s also a philanthropist, donating his time, money and platform to multiple causes on a regular basis. Kobe is particularly drawn to charities like Cathy’s Kids – founded by Lamar Odom in 2004 – that ensure low-income kids in cities like LA and NYC have access to educational tools like tutors and text books.

Amar’e Stoudemire

During the NBA lockout in 2011, Amar’e occupied his mind with a little retail therapy, totaling in the realm of $3.7 million. The object of his monetary affection?

This modest abode in Southwest Ranches, Florida. Relatively modest in terms of cost, this didn’t drain his $19,948,799 annual income. In fact, it barely made a dent. How on earth will he spend the rest of it?

This custom Lamborghini probably helped. It was difficult to get the figures on this bad boy, but considering Kim Kardashian recently shelled out $750,000 for a similar custom job, I’ll assume this car is worth more than my house.

A relatively small but important-to-note expense of Amar’e’s? His education. (LINK ) This summer, he went back to university, aiming toward a Bachelor in General Studies. This is a great example of basketball players’ general attitude toward giving back and being role models. Most high profile players create charities for kids growing up in under privileged areas and try to drive a very practical and well-informed point home: you can make a lot of money in basketball, but most of you won’t, so focus on education as the tool for success.

Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant does a lot with his $17,548,838 annual salary. Tune into this Kevin Durant love-fest to get a full scope what he does as one of Oklahoma City’s youngest philanthropists. The article touts him as confident, humble and hard-working, points we fully reinforce. 

In 2011, Kevin paid $1.8 million in on of Oklahoma City’s most luxurious neighbourhood, Gaillardia. This is where his humble, hard-working reputation is built. I mean, this neighbourhood houses very few young 20-somethings, but Kevin definitely didn’t break the bank on this purchase. He opted for something practical and beautiful, but he didn’t go for an over-the-top abode.

That all being said, he’s still a 23-year-old guy, and that his car is a Mercedes is testament to that. But while it’s sleek, customized and expensive, it certainly isn’t as lavish as the Lamborghinis we’ve seen from other NBA players.

LeBron James

LeBron James is one of those well-known players that everyone can identify. Even if you’ve never watched a basketball game, you know this guy. I love a few things about him: his foundation teaches kids a multi-platform approach to success and happiness, and he’s good to his mama.

Spending his $17,545,000 annual salary seems to come easy to LeBron. His $9 million Coconut Grove mansion and his $2 million Akron, Ohio mansion are testaments to this fact.

He loves his cars, too. In fact, with 7 in total, you can catch him in a huge range of vehicles with high and low price points. From his Jeep to his Ferrari Spider, LeBron takes pride in his cars.

As far as charity goes, when LeBron went on air to announce his decision to move to the Miami Heat, he facilitated $2.5 million to be donated to the Boys and Girls Clubs of America. He may be a bit of a showboater, but when it comes to charitable efforts, LeBron is happy to contribute, often flying below the radar while doing so.

So, there you have it: how our favourite NBA players spend those pay cheques. Some are more modest than others, but they all make charitable efforts that we have to applaud. At the end of the day, those eight figures have to go somewhere, and we’re happy to see that a good portion winds up in the hands of charitable organizations. We’re also more than happy to “ooh” and “aah” over those pricey purchases we mentioned above.



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