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Back in the day guys and gals who wore eyeglasses were known as nerds and geeks. Today eyeglasses have taken on a whole new trend. The nerdy look is in and becoming bigger then ever. Young attractive men have begun wearing their grandfather’s old specs with pride and confidence.


Lets go back to the 90’s when we were all introduced to frameless, tinted or black-framed glasses. The look was intellectual chic. Everyone from Drew Carry to Jazz from Fresh Prince of Bel-Air wore glasses and made it look cool.

Slowly but surely the trend has evolved. Today men and women are free styling with their eyeglasses. There are no more limitations to what’s in style. The style has become open to people with and without prescription. This trend is not limited to North America; it has now emerged worldwide. Koreans have introduced the craze of wearing frames without the lenses. Men and women are wearing colorful frames and oversized glasses and are bring back trends from the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s, at a point in time when laser eye surgery is so accessible, you would think people would stop wearing glasses altogether.


It seems like glasses are here to stay. It’s funny to think that back in the day, people felt less confident wearing a pair, and today, the stylish one in the group will typically be wearing the most outrageous style of eyeglasses.

Dar Optics is a luxury eyewear boutique at 356 King Street W. I spoke with Zahra Lavji, the Retail Manager and registered optician, about her thoughts on specs becoming one of the newest trends. Zahra explained that there isn’t one particular trend that’s in right now. It has become a little bit of everything. Retro is huge with heavy chunky plastics but yet so is the minimalistic look. Glasses are becoming a lot larger and heavier, with plastics, dark frames, and lots of details on the side.

Eyeglasses have become more of a fashion accessory rather than a functional item, Zahra said. People seem to be buying multiple eyeglasses to change up between daytime and nightlife. For those of you who are athletes Zahra recommended trying out a pair of sports-goggles. Although they might not seem like the coolest pair of eyeglasses, they do come in multiple colors and function well in providing protection for the players eyes as well as allow the the court/ball to be visible.


I think a pair of eyeglasses says a great deal about a person. In conclusion this is the time to play around, try out new styles and find out what works with your look. There is nothing too big, flashy or outrageous… so have fun and enjoy finding your chic geek self.


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