Mr. Ed Westwick


One of Hollywood’s sexiest men is also TV’s most attractive individual. Not only does he make every woman feel naughty in her socks but he also makes us imagine living a lavish lifestyle. Before he hit the television screen in early 2008, he was a lead singer of a British indie band. So before making us dress suit divas, he was winking and making groupies scream. After the release of the novel series Gossip Girl, it soon launched to the New York best seller list and was made into television drama that shortly after hit billboards top charts.
Awarded a lead role as Manhattan’s elite, ‘Charles Bass’ played by Ed Westwick, he left his punk rocker charm in the dressing room and resumed a more dapper look. A fashionable Upper East sider who constantly breaks hearts, sleeps on Egyptian cotton, relaxes in town cars and schemes against his own family, Chuck is known as a tyrant and a deceiver, but in the most attractive of ways. On screen, Ed is a wealthy entrepreneur with a very canny fashion sense and a heart for the labels. Sporting Burberry jackets during the evening scenes, Armani suits for a rendezvous with Blair, Leighton Meester, or scheming in Dolce and Gabbana loafers, Chuck never seems to miss a cue when dressing. Although Charles has gone through hardships, he always manages to end up on top, and will stop at nothing to see that his task is achieved.
Last season, Mr. Ed Westwick was selected to be the headline man of Penshoppe’s 2012 pre-holiday and summer collection. The collection is made up of sophisticated casual wear. Later in an interview with Philippine Media, he expresses his love and appreciation for fashion. But don’t confuse Chuck Bass with Ed Westwick; believe it or not, Ed was front man of a British indie rock band “Filthy Youth.” During Ed’s down time, while rehearsing his lines, he is most commonly sporting v-neck tanks and cardigans. He’s a grunge-rocker by heart and his style exudes just that. While the camera is off, Ed’s hair is messy or crammed under a beanie. His night look is more Urban Outfitters rather than Ralph Lauren and instead of wearing loafers, he’s a Converse man with an apprehensible swagger and demure. Ed Westwick is a charming, rugged man with a sway in his step and an accent to boot, he’s every women’s fantasy. Dapper Danny on camera and naughty Nathan off, he’s a versatile dresser and always causes a stir. A hipster punk at heart with a heart of gold.

As a front man for CW’s Gossip Girl, Ed Westwick, or Charles Bass on camera, can be spotted wearing three piece suits and paisley ties, but when he’s not on set Ed could wear anything from light wash skinny jeans, toques and Tom’s to grey silk jackets for the Grammy’s. After chasing women and deceiving them with his tactics, he usually confides in his best friend who is always there for him. After a hard day in Manhattan, Ed will retire to his band where he finds his rest and relaxation. From Hermes brief cases to Topman backpacks, from Chuck Bass to Ed Westwick, he’s comfortable in both skins. Playing a character who is nothing like him, it helps give Ed a well rounded outlook on life. He’s a hard working musician with an Empire state of mind.


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