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You walk into a vintage shop searching for that special something and suddenly you find it! That one rare item that can make your week: a sweet pair of Adidas shoes, maybe a faux fur jacket or an amazing holiday sweater. Now the idea of wearing second hand clothing might seem a little dirty and homeless to some people. But once you get over the fact you’re wearing uncle Hubert’s shorts you might become obsessed with finding rare vintage items.

This season’s craze is holiday sweaters. Ugly sweater parties have become the new fad. Every guy and girl is searching the back of his or her closet for that sweater grandma knit five years ago. The best holiday sweaters are the ones that are super tacky, have a miss matched color scheme and have some sort of funny picture of Santa, Rudolf or a dreidel.

Now the do’s and don’ts of vintage shops. The best vintage shops should have reasonably priced clothing, since all of it is second hand. The shop should hold a variety of clothing brands and decade pieces, as well as those special random finds. Some great finds to keep an eye out for are; camera cases, mirrors, posters, cigar boxes, collectable cards, records, photographs, magazines, accessories, coffee tables and more …much more.

Do not go into vintage shops that smell worse then a bathroom. Even though most vintage shops have a funky smell… make sure the smell is tolerable. Don’t go into a store that only has 10 items in the entire place and make sure hatchet face isn’t working the register. Having a vintage shop that is hidden in some back ally could be really sketchy or possibly a precious gem. So I will let you decide that one for yourself.

The great thing about vintage is it’s able to work with every style. Even for those sport lovers out there. Nike and Adidas kicks, vintage jerseys, T-shirts and basketball shorts could be that special find. Take your sports style from the court onto the dance floor by adding some sweatbands, shell toe shoes, high top sneakers and Nike pumps. Playing around with color is key, so don’t be afraid to go back to the 60’s and wear mustard, maroon, sunshine yellow or even puke green. If you want to get funky with your bad self…and yeah I just wrote that… You can take your delorean back to the 80’s and bring back neon colors, life jacket vests, slap bracelets and hologram T-shirts.

Some of my favorite vintage shops in Toronto and NY are:

1) 69 Vintage
2) Trinity Tuck Shop
3) Courage My Love
4) I Miss you
5) Bungalow
6) House of Vintage
7) Penny Arcade
8) Philistines
9) Free People
10) Klaxon Howl

1) Beacons Closet
2) Vice Versa
3) New York Vintage
4) Buffalo Exchange
5) Screaming Mimis
6) Zachary’s Smile
7) Monk Vintage Thrift Shop
8) What Goes Around Comes Around
9) Guvnor’s Vintage Thrift
10) Loveday 31

“Thrift Shop” by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis is one of the first songs that rap about vintage lifestyle. Suddenly your grandpa and grandma are looking pretty cool. Macklemore teaches you how to make the most out of a $20, how to use your ruffling skills and raid your family members closets.

If you are sensitive to smells but still want to shop vintage then you should check out these online vintage stores:

Happy holidays and happy hunting!


Guest at 18 Dec 2012

I really liked your article, very entertaining!

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