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Seeing a man in a proper suit is like seeing Santa shooting out of your chimney; it’s rare. So in hopes of seeing more Santas, let’s talk proper dress for men. By all means don’t be put off by being well dressed, it’s a privilege in the 21st century to dress properly and shouldn’t be taken for granted. Looking like a dignified gentleman is what women love most, it’s the icing on the cake.
A common mistake a lot of men make is with the buttons, not all are to be done up. Be sure to always leave the last button undone on the jacket, and remove ALL buttons while you are seated to avoid bulge, to be honest it’s distracting. Speaking of bulge, let’s talk pants; make sure they fit properly EVERYWHERE! Your pockets shouldn’t stick out and your pant-legs should be 3/4 of the way down the heel of your shoe. When you’re walking and your pants are too short, you should consider the circus. Another faux pas to avoid concerns socks. How many times have we seen a man sit and his white socks are popping out beneath his trousers, the outfit’s completely ruined! Also, wearing Adidas sports socks with a fantastic three-piece suit looks extremely tacky. Wear proper dress socks, it gives the look of a polished, prestigious dresser. These mistakes can be easily avoided by being mindful of your attire, from the socks to the pant size and length, it can take you from zero to hero.

Little accessories are a great way to add color and contrast to ones appearance. Bow-ties, for instance, help distinguish a man. They are a quick and easy way to refine a look and often become a great conversation starter. Neck ties, can be make or break accessories. So many men don’t realize that the neck tie is a very strong focal point and when done wrong can cause eye sores for everyone around you. A proper neck tie should be worn to complete the outfit. If done well it may well be the deciding factor between the signing of a contract or dismissal of a partner. So remember that a bow tie is a prestigious piece that completes an ensemble. A neck tie helps to refine the ensemble and says office rather than street. Always ensure that it is tied properly and brought to the top of the shirt that should be fully buttoned.

To find great trousers, jackets, button down shirts and accessories depends on what your style is. For a preppy and pretty boy look, Club Monaco carries a wide variety of men’s wear that is good quality and well priced. Urban Outfitters has a great variety of men’s accessories that are bound to cause some head to turn. As well, you can find some great arm candy and notable watches. Scotch and Soda carries a wide variety of jackets and coats that are both warm and eye catching. They are a great way to get noticed and soon become a staple piece in a man’s wardrobe. It is very important to explore different shops and retail outlets to find the “perfect” pieces for a wardrobe, always keeping in mind what is already in your closet. Wearing the wrong accessory or pants can ruin an outfit.

I hope you now know how to wear a proper suit. Remember, last button undone, trousers must fit properly, and socks must work with the outfit, you don’t play hockey with a tennis racket, it just won’t do. Remember a well-dressed man is like a yacht; they look great, they’re fun and everyone wants one.


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