New Year, New You


January is that time of year for getting back your old workout routine that you put on hold over the holidays. Since the new year brings about an air of new beginnings, why not start with treating yourself to new workout essentials? Granted, the gym may not be the place to worry about looking your best, but it is common knowledge that when you look good you feel good! So be gone with those ratty t-shirts or worn out shoes, and give yourself a new exercise wardrobe to break into 2013. It’s time to dust off your gym bag and get ready to return to your workout looking better than ever.


Speaking of gym bags, having one that can carry all of your gear and look attractive at the same time will just make going to the gym that much more enjoyable. The Lacoste “Challenge” duffel is a great example of a bag that is functional as well as fashionable. There are a lot of guys at the gym with bags that are either too small or falling apart. If going to the gym is something that you do often consider it an investment in buying a quality bag. That way you can fit all your stuff in one bag and you won’t forget anything when you run out the door in the morning.


Finding the right fit for active wear is essential. Whether it’s shirts or shorts, you do not want to have anything restricting your range of motion and limiting your workout potential. To reduce friction during training, consider opting for a compression short rather than the standard baggier version. The compression style enables you to perform a wider range of motion. The advantage of the compression short also lay in their ability to provide muscle stability which reduces risk of injury. As an added bonus they are also a great way to show off your super toned legs!


Like it or not the gym is a social place so it doesn’t hurt to invest in active wear that keeps you from looking like a hot mess. Obviously you are going to sweat during your work out but you don’t have to wear it around like a badge of honour. Look for clothes that contain sweat reducing materials, like CLIMALITE® by Adidas, which sweeps sweat from your skin to keep your comfortable and reduce unsightly stain.


When it comes to shoes, look for a trainer that will enhance a full body workout such as the Nike Vapor Trainer for $100 at Especially for those of you who stick to the gym rather than hitting the pavement, a quality all-purpose trainer is all you will need.
Start the new year off right with essential workout gear and you will be one step closer to that summer body you’re working towards. Good luck in the gym and happy 2013!


Guest at 01 Feb 2013

Hmmm, it's about time I got a new gym bag

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