Last Minute Valentine’s Gifts Under $50


Time is running out. The holiday full of love, romance, chocolates and treats is quickly approaching. If you’re still without a gift, it’s not too late. Remember that even though this holiday isn’t celebrating her birthday, it should still be pretty special.

It’s sort of an unwritten rule that Valentine’s Day is about the ladies, but hopefully she’s thinking about doing something for you. However, don’t get your hopes up if she doesn’t, you’re not the only man out there who goes without on February 14. If it’s your first Valentine’s Day together, play it safe and get her a gift.

Valentine’s is more about the thought than the price tag. Especially since it falls on a Thursday this year, she’s probably expecting something low-key. But surprise her with one of these thoughtful gifts that any girl in love would enjoy.

Depending on your finances you shouldn’t need to spend more than $100 dollars to express your love to your Valentine. Think about your Valentine’s personality when you’re picking out her present. Ask yourself these questions:
Does she like savoury or sweet? What type of music does she like? Does she wear jewellery? What type of jewellery does she wear? Has she hinted at something she’d like? If she hasn’t, you probably weren’t listening and you need to start!

The obvious gift is chocolate, but it’s very important not to cheap out on it! There’s no point getting your valentine an assortment of chocolates in a heart shaped box if she’s not going to eat them. Get a smaller amount of good quality chocolate that’ll melt on her tongue and have her heart melting for you.


Laura Secord, Chocolate rose, 3 for $12.50,
Photo Courtesy of Laura Secord

If she’s into music, maybe you can get her a new album. If she likes pop romance go for Red by Taylor Swift. If you want to go a little bigger with her gift, how about an mp3 player? Although her smartphone probably already plays music it drains the battery, a smaller mp3 player can come in handy. They’re great for working out with since they’re small and light.

The iPod shuffle is the perfect solution. To make it even better you can get it in red with a free engraving. Is there a more romantic gift for a music lover/fitness fanatic than a red iPod that says “Be Mine” or “Loving You Always?” Definitely not.


iPod Shuffle, $49,
Photo Courtesy of Apple

She can put her new music on there and good news is, you haven’t broken the bank. If you’re not sure which album to get her, give her an iTunes gift card to complement the shuffle. That way she can personalize her new music player even more!

If you’re going to get her some jewelry, because lets face it, we love jewelry. Make sure you take note of the kind she wears. If she mostly wears silver or white gold necklaces or earrings than she probably prefers those metals. If she wears gold, than go for gold. This is very important because if she prefers silver and you get her gold, even though she’ll appreciate the thought, she might not get a lot of use out of it. To play it safe you can get her a piece that incorporates a variety of metals so she can mix and match.


Pandora Charm Bracelet, $50,!791023CZ
Photo Courtesy of Pandora

If she collects something in particular, it would be really thoughtful of you to ad to her collection. For example get her a valentine’s charm to add to her charm bracelet.

If you’re spending the night in, whether that be dining or watching a movie on the couch, don’t be shy to light some candles to set the mood. Take notice of the scents she usually lights to ensure a flawless evening.

If you’re opting for a movie, ask her what she wants to watch and have it ready for when she comes home. You’ll probably find some common ground, but be prepared to watch a romantic comedy, just incase she’s got her heart set on a specific chick flick. Who knows, maybe you can squeeze two movies in. Hopefully the second you’ll find more tasteful.

If you both, as a couple, don’t like to exchange big gifts on Valentines just make it a special night. It doesn’t have to be extravagant, but romantic is a must. Surprise her with a pedaled filled bubble bath, champagne and new pajamas or lingerie. If she usually comments about her feet being cold, get her some slippers!

Lush Rose Bath Bomb, $6.65,

Photo Courtesy of Lush Cosmetics

It doesn’t take much to impress a girl, just take notice of her not-so-subtle hints. Maybe you can get into the Valentine’s Day spirit a little earlier and sneak in a rom-com for a little inspiration.

Good luck romancing and happy Valentine’s Day.


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