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Everybody’s got problems, problems are a part of reality, but sometimes other people’s problems can really put yours into perspective. This next list of NBA Hot shots, for instance, have a serious and unrelenting problem concerning where to store their ever-growing collection of high performance automobiles. These babies are way too expensive to just leave in the driveway, and you don’t want to spend a half hour backing up 5 cars just to get at the one you want. So, lucky for us, we can leave them to hum and haw over the logistics of garage expansions, while we enjoy some car collections so completely out of control that Jay Leno has to get out the drool rag.

It’s easy to forget that the median height of an NBA all star is well above that of your average joe, and plenty of cars have to be written off thanks to simple logistics. Somehow these fellas have managed to get by, some more than others. Let’s take a look at some of the more extravagant examples.

Lebron James

You can’t argue against King James being anything but the best player in the game today, you just can’t. And even if the head wearing the crown weighs heavy, he’s got the kind of wheels that help lighten the load nicely. Let’s start with his piece du resistance, a custom Ferrari F430 Spider, (because guess what kids, the regular ones are built for short, middle-aged financiers, not 6’8” athletes). Beyond that impossibly beautiful set of wheels there’s the near-perfect Mercedes S63, a Hummer H2 his mom got him when he was 18 that’s been since “pimped” with an entertainment system better than your living room will ever be.

Oh, and a Porsche 911, just incase that wasn’t enough.
Allen Iverson
There’s been all kinds of talk about how Mr. Iverson was one bad check away from Skid Row, but if the man was ever forced to live in his car, he’d be living better than your average Joe by a Georgia mile. He’s turned, and rolled eyeballs recently rocking two million dollars worth of Bugatti muscle, but if it sounds excessive you should know that it’s virtually the only way to cheer yourself up after the 5-0 snag your Lamborghini Murcielago for improper registration. Said Mr. Practice as he shook off the insult, “Take my car, I’ve got 10 more!”. Take note kids!

Kobe Bryant
Kobe is the man, and while he’s slowly morphed from a phenom to a mouth piece, he’s still completely awesome on and off the court. Being fluently bilingual (having been raised, in part, in Italy) comes in handy when he’s haggling for a better deal on his 458 Italia (he’s also got a F430 and a 360 Modena so you can feel confident calling him a Ferrari man). He’s also covered all his nouveau riche bases with a Bentley Continental, an Azure Mulliner, an Escalade and a Range Rover (purportedly his A to B of choice). Oh ya, there’s a Helicopter!!
Tim Duncan
San Antonio’s backbone since forever is probably one of the more low-key people, not in Basketball, but in the world, but his love for muscle cars is as legendary as his championships and he’s got the collector bug so bad it drives him to distraction. There’s nobody in the NBA who loves classic cars more than Duncan, and the Big Fella’s number 1 ride is a perfect 1950 Merc, not to mention a ’68 Camero, a Bel Air convertible and a slew of Fast and Furious jobs on the side. Don’t expect to see any of these cars running will stock parts either, as Duncan opened a custom shop in San Antonio last December, a backup plan just incase the whole future Hall of Famer thing doesn’t work out.

Shaquille O’Neal
The now retired Shaq attack was not limited to the court, the big screen, the Sega Genesis, and the Burger King, it was also a threat on the road, as the big man was and is famous for custom jobs so out there that you’d barely recognize some of them as “cars” anymore. All kinds of Lamborghinis, Mercedes, and Caddys, but the man loves his tricked out Continentals, Navigators, and Escalades too. But the piece that sets this man apart has gotta be the Smart Car. Because there’s not a funnier thing I can think of at all.

Kobe Bryant
Lebron James
 Tim Duncan


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