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This season prints are a big deal, from floral to uniquely patterned shapes to your classic camo, it’s becoming a bit hard to avoid. For the fashion ‘noob’ prints are pretty damn intimidating. I mean how would you put a certain print in an outfit without looking like an idiot? Well fear not, we’ve put together a guide that’ll have you reaching for that floral five-panel hat in no time.

Alright, let’s start off small. We’ve all seen Lebron sporting that …interesting sweater as of late right? [] Let me start off by saying that’s what not to do when it comes to prints if you’re just embracing the trend now. The incredible bold patterned sweater is, for a beginner a bit too much. While I’m not going to say it was outright ugly, it was an interesting choice by Lebron post-game.

If you’re just trying to test the waters for a print, why not try it out with something very small. Why not try sporting a floral printed tie? It’s discreet enough where you can feel comfortable with the floral trend but also bold enough to flaunt the fact that you’re trying out a floral print. It also breathes a bit of fresh air into your every day run of the mill outfits. The printed tie works well in multiple settings, from office to date night it’s definitely a conversation starter and might even help you close the deal. []

The nautical inspired print is here to stay and it’s one of the easiest prints to style around. Pair it with a dark jean, khaki or even a pair of shorts and you’re good to go. It’s the most basic of prints (not in a bad way) and it can be dressed up and dressed down. It’s definitely a step up from trying out little hints of patterns without seeming too bold. Just remember, stripes are your friend and can even be considered a gateway print. []

But what if you’re feeling a bit more confident and you want to really take on a print and own it? Enter camo. Yup the print that has always been there has suddenly taken the fashion world by force and it looks like it’s here to stay. Style tip: the thing about camo print is that you want to wear one piece at a time, or else you’re going to look like an army wannabe. Many brands have taken on the camo print through various ways like their shoes, ties, jackets, and pants. If you want to keep that understated look but want to really rock the camo print, try a pair of shoes with camo print. It’s edgy, crisp, and a nonchalant way to incorporate a trend. []

But let’s just say you’re still not sold on the whole print idea, no biggie lest we forget about hats. These days labels are coming out with the 5-panel caps all decked out in prints but if you’re not one for the 5-panel and its bold hues and prints, try a hat with a muted pattern. The great thing about printed hats is that you have the option to take off the hat, should you feel uncomfortable. Labels like The Knottery’s are coming out with muted tones and sleek prints that aren’t so loud. []

If you consider yourself pretty sartorial, you might want to step into the territory of mixing prints. I know it sounds pretty intimidating but hey, why not try it out? This is not for the faint of heart, as it’s still a pretty bold trend even for women. Few dare to really try this trend out but it’s also an interesting way to revamp your wardrobe. Why not mix up textures too? Mixing up patterns with different textures would be a sleek way to really try out the mixed print trend. []

But how exactly does one mix prints together without looking like a closet threw up on them? Easy. Just tie it all together with the different tones and colours of that outfit. For example, look at Russell Westbrook. Yeah, he may not have a stylist and sometimes his clothing choices are a little wild but overall he has a good eye. For example, take his outfit from this past All Star game: the camo suit pants along with the striped tie. What held it all together? The colourscheme did. All of his pieces for this outfit were tied together with the colours and undertones. Everything was kept in the neutral and brown family. This is one of the easiest ways to mix prints. Keep colours in the same tone and it should be smooth sailing from there. It keeps your outfits fresh and fun for the summer. []

Prints aren’t for everybody. But if you’re willing to be rather bold in your fashion choices then why not give it a go? It’s a fun way to take the use of colour and prints into your wardrobe especially with the warm weather making its way. Most labels’ spring/summer collections are all about brighter colours and loud prints. Spring and summer were made for prints! Now this isn’t to say you should walk around in a completely print outfit, but try adding it in for a pop of excitement in your wardrobe. Prints while fun, can be intimidating but it doesn’t hurt to give it a try does it?  


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