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In the middle of your sets and reps and protein shakes, one of the most important things at the gym is your workout music. Yup, I went right out there and said it, your workout music. I know what you’re thinking, that the gym is all about how many sets you can do. But the truth is that music really does help you push for that extra rep. 

I mean, besides all the “Do you even lift, bro?” pictures we see on Instagram, a lot of people take pictures of the songs they listen to when they workout. There’s a reason for that.

Music always helps set the mood, whether that be romantic, for a road trip, or even for running and working out. It helps with motivation, almost more than any pre-workout supplement. Remember that iconic song, Eye of the Tiger from Rocky? Yeah, see what I mean? Music (as cheesy as this is about to sound) really does help boost your mood and workout.

I’m not sure about everyone else out there, but I know for me my workout music needs to be loud, intense, and pretty in your face. While these songs may not be for you, here are a few of my favourite workout songs that’ll help get you started on making your own list.

So Sophisticated –Rick Ross ft Meek Mill

This is a really good song to listen to while doing weight training. The hard beats and let’s face it Mr. Rozay’s attitude in this song is exactly what one needs when lifting those dumbbells. It goes hard, and that’s something you do in the gym already so why not add this song to your playlist?

B.O.B – Outkast

Firstoff, let me just say Outkast. Anytime there is anything to do with this iconic group is always a plus. If you’re on the treadmill or running the track, this tune is always great for that last lap around.

Backstreet Freestyle –Kendrick Lamar


I’m the type of person that really needs that aggressive music in the gym to help me on that last rep. This song is full of aggression, hard beats, and basically anytime I get to mention Kendrick Lamar in an article is a win for me.

Just What I Am –Kid Cudi ft King Chip

 While everyone is a bit on the fence about Kid Cudi and his ever-evolving sound, I do appreciate his sense of diversity. This song makes my workout playlist because it’s perfect to jump rope to. It has a great balance of aggressive beats, catchy lyrics, and all the right amount of attitude in one song. 

But hey, since it is Playoff season why not mix in a bit of each team’s pregame playlist. Who knows, it might even help you step your gym game up!

Draymon Green (Golden State Warriors)

Bad- Wale
Bugatti –Ace Hood
No Thrillz –Jon Connor

Harrison Barnes (Golden State Warriors)

Collect Calls –Kendrick Lamar
Mirrors –Justin Timberlake
Power Trip –J. Cole
Locked Outta Heaven –Bruno Mars

Austin Daye (Memphis Grizzlies)

“Karate Chop” remix –Future
“Started from the Bottom” remix –Drake ft Wiz Khalifa
Suit & Tie –Justin Timberlake ft Jay-Z

Ed Davis (Memphis Grizzlies)

“Don’t Kill My Vibe” remix –Kendrick Lamar ft Jay-Z
Future’s latest album
First Day Out –Gucci mane

Jerryd Bayless (Memphis Grizzlies)

20/20 Experience (entire album) –Justin Timberlake


Since musical taste varies from person to person (as seen in these players’ pregame music list), go ahead and  pick whatever genre gets you all excited for the gym. The key to finding a great playlist for your workout is to put together songs that really pump you up. You could even go so far as to time out the music to however long you work out for. Creating lists that last an hour or so helps you keep track of time without getting distracted by searching for a clock in the gym. It also helps you time how long you spend on each exercise.

At the end of the day, choosing the right songs for your work out is almost as important as drinking protein right after. It helps you stay motivated and focused during your reps and sets. Music can really boost your mood on your last mile on the treadmill. So whether your music of choice is heavy metal or ignorant rap, make sure you choose tunes that hype you up and get you all charged up for the gym. So go ahead, use some of these songs as a start or create your own list and go hard at the gym! 


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