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The summer months are finally upon us, which means that the long-weekends and road trips and thoughts of vacations are here too. So even though you really appreciate all this nice weather, sometimes you just need to get away from it all. Don’t worry, every now and then it’s good to take a break from “life” and relax a bit. Be it on a beach, in a bar, or in a pool –everyone needs a vacation once in a while.

The thing about planning for a vacation besides choosing a destination is always, how to score the best deal and get the most bang for your buck. It’s a fact that most vacations aren’t always wallet friendly. It’s also a fact that you’re under a lot of stress trying to find said deals, but the reward of a vacation is always something to look forward to. So we decided to ease your stress and put together a list of our top five travel sites that offer single and/or packaged deals. We’ve also gathered a few tips on scoring vacation deals online just to make sure you get the best deal possible. The only thing you have left to do now is to choose the destination and get ready for your trip!

1: Expedia []- One of the greatest things about this site is your ability to choose the option of including your hotel, flight, and car into one package. Everyone loves having options and this site gives you as many options as possible. It’s definitely a deal saver, especially when you’re travelling on a certain budget. Having a variety of options is always a great way to compare prices and packages as well.

2: Last Minute Club []: If you’re one of those indecisive people, this site is probably your best bet. Truth is, we all love the thrill of a spontaneous getaway and this site gives you deals to leave at the drop of a hat. But if you’re one of those last minute fellows, then this site has your name all over it. It’s an excellent way to score deals on travel packages if you find yourself pressed for time or if you forgot to book your vacation!

3: []: While does offer packaged deals, it also offers a “Deal of the Week”. This site actually started off as a travel agency, so they know their way around deals. It combines the experience of searching for deals on the web, as well as dealing with an experienced travel agent. They present you with the best travel deals, and did we mention it’s a Canadian-based company? (Go Canada!)

4:Travelzoo []: This site offers recommended deals that have been heavily researched by their team. They also offer reviews, which are completely independent from hotels and packaged deals. It’s a global company that strives to offer the best of travel deals, internationally. They also offer a “Top 20” which is their 20 best deals of the week based on travel, entertainment, and local deals.

5: Hotwire []: We’re all pretty familiar with the Hotwire jingle, right? Well this site, like most others offers its fair share of single, and/or packaged deals. It also includes hotel reviews from Trip Advisor, which is always helpful when choosing hotels in other countries. It also has its own (free) app, Hotwire Hotels, which allows you to save on the go. This really helps out when you find yourself stuck somewhere because of a flight cancellation or change in plans.

Now, while all these sites do offer great deals both individually and as a package, depending on your desired destination you may want to be weary when booking your trip. If you’re adamant about heading to a certain location, it’s always best to book earlier. It saves you money, a headache, and saves you a spot at the exact hotel you want.

But if you’re a bit more open-minded about your destination and just need to go on vacation, booking last minute might be your best option. Most places offer cheaper rates when the vacation date is near, as they’d rather have a full hotel than empty rooms. Again, this is only applicable to those who just want to spontaneously go on vacation and don’t really care where they go as long as it’s hot, sunny, and easy on the wallet. Source []

It’s also best to really read the fine print on these sites as well. Even though they offer some pretty amazing deals, you may want to check the flight. Sometimes the cheapest flights (and flight packages) come with multiple layovers, which leaves a possibility of your luggage getting lost or stuck in another city. Trust me, it’s not a fun feeling learning that your luggage is in one state and you’re in another. Even if there’s about a $200 difference in choosing a round trip flight, choose that one. It will put you at ease knowing that your luggage is on your flight and heading to your exact destination.

If you really want to make sure you’ve gotten the best deals, it’s always best to check reviews of the place you’re staying and to compare prices. I know it seems like a lot of work just to lay out on the beach or so, but it’s always nice to know that you got the best deal possible. Reviews from sites like Trip Advisor really help out because even though a hotel may seem like a great place, you do not want to be surprised when you finally arrive. Just like doing research for anything important, it’s best to seek out all your options. Even if you have to research a trip for a week or two it helps out in the end because it means you’re saving money and saving yourself a headache when you come back from vacation. Source []

Vacations are meant for relaxing and taking a breather from everyday life. With a bit (or maybe a lot) of research along with these sites, you can score the best deal. Once all that planning and researching is over, you’ll have a guarantee that your vacation is within your budget, that the hotel is going to be amazing, and that you’ll have the greatest time. 


Diego Watson at 20 Apr 2018

Nice post! thanks for sharing.

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