NBA Draft 2013: Fashion Hits & Misses


The NBA draft is unfortunately known as the worst day for NBA fashion. While their game is on point, their fashion game is usually another story. However, since the NBA has gotten all GQ and everyone’s been trying to be more sartorial it seems as if the 2013 draftees have followed suit (pun intended).

This year’s NBA draft is considered the most GQ-inspired draft, and we are very thankful for that. Gone are the days of exceptionally tall players drowning in terrible suits; cough, cough the 2003 draft anybody? Thankfully, everyone showed up in their (tailored) suit and tie. How fitting that the grand commissioner David Stern’s last draft ended with overall well-dressed players?

Hit: First things first, I have to mention the most photo-worthy moment of the draft: Lucas Nogueira shaking hands with David Stern. Drafted to Atlanta, Lucas Nogueira certainly made his mark in NBA history as “the greatest draft photo ever”. His well-fitting suit, with just a dash of colour was very fitting for such an event. However, the show-stealer was definitely his hair and how comical it was to have the snapback totter back and forth as he shook the commissioner’s hand.

Hit: Fresh off of his GQ spread, Trey Burke certainly looked the part. In a fashion-homage to his alma mater Michigan, Burke proudly wore the colours with pride as he accepted his role into Utah. A well-fitted suit, sharp colours and a nod to his ala mater make Trey Burke one of our top picks for fashion hits for the 2013 draft.

Hit: In his nod to fans and to create an interactive element to the draft, Nerlans Noel gave fans the chance to pick out his suit for the night. Luckily for us, each of the choices was dapper enough to be a suit on Mad Men. At the end, his 3-piece grey suit with cobalt accents won. Again, we just want to reiterate how grateful we are that the suit fit him well (as suits should) and that he took the time to use social media to his advantage. So, for fan interaction, sewing his jersey INSIDE HIS JACKET as well as bringing that 3-piece suit to the forefront of NBA fashion we give Nerlans Noel an A++.

Miss: While Alex Len’s suit was a bit on the drab side, he was “saved” and we use that word sparingly, with a few minor details. His bright red patterned tie and his patterned pocket square brought a bit of life into his otherwise boring outfit. However, we do give him points for carrying his hometown on this journey with him. He had the Ukraine flag sewn into his suit –another detail that made his suit a little less boring.

Miss: Another player who seemed to have the same tailor as Alex Len was Steven Adams. He had the New Zealand flag sewn into his suit. However, that nod to his home country could not save him from the terrible mistake of mixing print with print in a very wrong way. While we’re all for statement pieces and pattern mixing, Adams’ fashion game was not as on point as his ball game is. Sorry Steven Adams, maybe try taking baby steps with pattern mixing?

Miss: While this suit is still better than anything in the 2003 NBA draft, Sergey Karasev’s suit still was not on par with his fellow draftees. His suit was not as well-fitting as we’d prefer it to be and the drab colour palette reminded us of a kid playing dress-up with his dad’s suits. Come on Sergey, you’re young! Play with the idea of patterns, textures and colours will ya?!

Hit: His name was Roberson, Andre Roberson. We do appreciate Andre Roberson’s nod to James Bond in his white dinner jacket (or at least that’s what we’d like to believe). It was a refreshing take on the traditional suit that most of the other draftees were sporting, but it did remind us of a maître de. Love the look or hate it, you can’t deny that Roberson rocked the hell out of that jacket.

Hit: Keeping things casual, light, and pretty damn cool was Victor Olapido. The grey and purple with a contrasting checkerboard pattern was a subtle way to show his sense of style. It wasn’t too loud, but it was just the right amount of colour meets texture and we ain’t mad at that.

Hit: Straying away from the grey suit trend, Cody Zeller’s navy suit was a cut above the rest. Tailored, neutral, with just the right amount of pocket square, Zeller’s suit choice was a great gamble amongst a sea of grey tones.

Hit: Ben McLemore’s look was a bit on the controversial side. While he had a simple suit, the statement piece was all in the bowtie that he rocked the hell out of. Some people think the bowtie was a bit much, but I mean what do you expect him to rock it with? Clown shoes? McLemore’s look was just the right amount of simple meets fun as his white shirt complimented his loud bowtie.

Hit: Michael Carter-Williams’ suit choice was a bold one to make. The powder blue suit could easily have come off as a prom suit gone wrong, but he actually wore it quite well. It certainly takes a person with confidence to wear that coloured suit and you know what, the dude pulled it off well.

While there may have been some hits and misses in the 2013 draft, you cannot deny that they’ve raised the bar for the 2014 draft. This looks like great things for the NBA, not only in the amount of talent that’s being brought forth but also in terms of style. One of the most stylish sports, the NBA is really taking fashion to another level. Thankfully, the 2013 draftees (with a few exceptions) are all headed in the right sartorial direction. Good luck to the 2014 draftees, they have a lot to live up to.

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