Summer Shoe Trends for 2013


If you consider yourself a stylish person, then you would know that no outfit is complete without the proper footwear. Sure, you can just go with the flow and wear the latest kicks, but you could go that extra mile and try out something different.

Shoes are just as important as your choice of shirt or pants. They’re that minor detail that completes the outfit. Think of them as the (manly) cherry on top of the ice cream. It just puts the whole look together.

So rather than talk about the latest pair of Nikes, how about something a little more casual and dressed up for those summer dates or at work? If clothes make the man, then shoes make him the fashion-conscious man.

1: Canvas shoe: TOMS Paseos

TOMs classics are comfortable, and they’ve taken their classic canvas detailing and moved it in another direction. These Paseos are canvas lace-ups, complete with a rubber bottom (great for any terrain).

Canvas shoes are made for those burning hot summer days–it’s a much more breathable material than those leather shoes you walk around with sockless every summer. It’s a refreshing change that looks pretty damn comfy, if you ask me.

2: Slip-ons: Rivieras Suede Slip-ons

Always remember that when wearing slip-ons during the summer it’s best to wear them with a terrycloth insole to soak up all that sweat and odor. If you want to stray from the Sperry boat shoe hype train, Rivieras are a new take on a summer classic.

Part slipper and part sneaker, these shoes can transition into any situation. From beach day to date night, it’s the easiest pair of shoes you can slip into.

3: Sandals: Birkenstocks: Arizona

Yes, I am mentioning Birkenstocks. No, this is not a joke. Birkenstocks are on the rise, and with brands like J.Crew coming out with their Birkenstock collection, these comfy German classics are due for a comeback.

In the past, the Arizona style carried the stigma of being footwear worn by hippies, but now it’s popping up in a few lookbooks this summer season and the next.

Birkenstocks are known for comfortable shoes that aren’t exactly aesthetically pleasing, but now they’re definitely popping up on runways and editorials, which means that they’re on the way up. Time to swallow that pride, invest in a pair of comfortable sandals and stay ahead of the fashion curve.

4: Loafers: Topman Hudson Tyska Shoes

Riding on the comeback train, loafers are also slated to be the shoe of the season. With the updated look (especially with the tassel detailing), these shoes can go from work to play without looking too dressy. In fact, most of the loafer styles coming out this season give a more relaxed vibe.

Loafers are no longer dedicated to their former role of weekend shoe, and they can be worn at the office for a modern look. A key to getting loafers to really work for you is to pick a style that has a higher vamp to elongate the foot.

5:Boat Shoes: Crocs Men’s Beach Line Boat Shoe

Okay I know it says Crocs (and that was not a typo), but before you make any calls, hear me out. In the world of style, Crocs are known as that ugly shoe you refuse to wear. But lately the brand has been stepping their shoe game up.

These are the perfect shoes to wear to the beach, and can actually go into the water. Finally, a boat shoe that can actually get wet.

Seriously though, look at this shoe. It’s stylish enough to be worn in and out of the water, and if I didn’t say they were Crocs, would you have known otherwise? It’s a great Croc twist on an old classic design. Did I mention that it’s a sartorial alternative to your usual flip-flops in sand?

Comfortable, aesthetically pleasing, and actually waterproof? Um, yeah, sounds great for beach days.

Whether your summer is all about working, playing, or a mix of the two these summer shoe trends will have you looking trendy, effortlessly. Each of these shoes are alternatives to the usual sneakers and summer clothes. Shoes are an easy way to change up an outfit and show that the small details really do matter. Keep your shoe game right by embracing these trends, most of which are classic summer staples anyway. With all these warm weather options to choose from the only thing you need to worry about now is whether to wear socks or no socks. 


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