2013 ESPYS Fashion Coverage


Ah, the ESPYS; it’s certainly an event that sports fans look forward to because it brings together all their favourite athletes and more. This year’s awards ceremony was hosted by the one and only Jon Hamm who, by the way, was absolutely hilarious.

But just like all other award shows out there, the ESPYS are still victim to the fashion hits and misses. All eyes are on these athletes who have dominated their field, but have they dominated the fashion world as well? While there were so many different hits and misses out there, we’ve focused on the NBA players who attended the show. With the players stepping up their sartorial nature up a notch, it only made sense to focus on their ESPYS fashion and see if that carried over into the biggest sports event of the year.

Of course the first look would have to go to LeBron James. Donning a red tux, you’d think he would stand out from the crowd. Well if you thought that, you’re wrong. Red actually seemed to be the colour of choice for this year’s ESPYS. We must admit however, King James rocked the hell out of that suit, and his bow tie seemed to be on point too. Bonus points any time you tie your own tie. The man who dominated the red carpet also took home more than one award. 2013 is definitely his year, because all this man seems to be doing is winning.

The “Attempt at Being Edgy but Not Working Out So Well” award for the night goes to Houston Rocket Chandler Parsons. While I do give him props for donning your classic, never fail grey tailored suit his patterned shirt choice was less than stellar. It kind of reminds me of picture day in elementary. In 1973. Nice try Parsons, maybe next year? With D12 on your team, you better get used to hearing that phrase though.


One of the unofficial dress codes for tonight was the white jacket and coloured pants combo. Donned by Kenneth Faried and Jimmy Butler, this contrasting outfit put a summer twist on the classic monochromatic suit. First up is Kenneth Faried. His choice of colour palette, which was a mix of different purples against a white coat, worked well for him. Bonus points for wearing a patterned tie in a sea of bow ties.

Jimmy Butler’s take on the contrasting jacket and coloured pants combo was a bit wilder than Faried’s safe spin. Matching a green pocket square with the same green slacks against a bright blue tie could be considered controversial. You either love the look or you hate it. While this outfit could have gone in the wrong direction, I do give him points for trying to add a bit more colour and fun to his outfit. However, the patterned shirt was a bit much against the bright colours of his tie, pocket square, and pants. Scale it back, man.

If you thought donning a red tux to an award show was bold, think again. DeAndre Jordan of the Los Angeles Clippers strayed from the red trend and took on a wild blue, almost teal suit. Keeping his skinny tie a neutral brown, this look was a fresh, fun take on your classic suit. Also notice how simple his pocket square was. Keeping everything simple while wearing bright suit is the key to distinguishing yourself from that fine line between statement piece and just plain silly.

One of the most refreshing takes on the ESPYS fashion was Nick Young’s shorts and tie combo; this was a hot way to attend the show. Keeping things “swaggy” the real star of his look was his shoes. Gold spiked loafers are one of hell of a statement piece, I wouldn’t be surprised at how much attention his shoes are and will be getting. While it was a very relaxed, casual outfit for the one of the biggest awards ceremony in the sports world, Nick Young gets four out of five gold spiked shoes for his ESPYS look.

If there was an award for most beautiful, stylish couple of the ESPYS it would be given hands-down to Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade. Keeping their understated look classy, the actress wore a glittering, black, sleeveless dress with quite the plunge line. But that didn’t take away from D. Wade’s outfit either. While he did wear the super classic black tux, he accessorized it with a matching scarf and bowtie. But the real statement piece on the 2013 NBA champion was his bright red Balenciaga shoes, a real contrast to his otherwise demure outfit.

This year’s ESPYS were fun, hilarious as hell, and the fashion was interesting to say the least. It’s great to see athletes sport something other than their jersey or casual everyday wear. So while there were a few hits and misses, the NBA players attending this year were definitely a hit. 


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