5 Common Gym Myths

There’s dozens of gym myths that hold water – ranging from the idea that cardio burns fat more efficiently than weights, to the idea that finishing a set is always for the best. Some of these myths hold weight, while others couldn’t even pull one rep with a 1 pound weight. We take a look at some of these, and see what you should keep in mind next time you’re in the gym.
Power Through

Just one more set! Power through! Destroy it! Trainers effectively just shout, don’t they? You can do that, can’t you? Wrong. Trainers are there to get you over that motivational hump, but trainers are also able to identify when you’ve been worked to exhaustion, and you’re at risk of self injury. You lack that objectivity yourself. When you’re at your breaking point, you’re also most vulnerable to making poor decisions – like continuing through bad form that could result in serious injury. So when you’re driving yourself to do just one more rep, stop yourself if you feel yourself actually at the breaking point.


More Time for More Results
If you want more results quickly, you’ve gotta put in more time at the gym right? Wrong. Suddenly starting an intense exercise program is as bad for your health as it sounds. Exercise helps break down old muscles, and rebuild them stronger than before. But that first part sounds exactly as nasty as it is – your existing muscles will get worked to exhaustion and breaking point before they’re rebuilt, and the harder you work then, the more likely you are to face serious muscle strain and injury. Speak to a trainer or doctor before you start training so you can build your way up to more intense exercises.

Ab Exercises to Lose Gut Weight
You blast your abs with situps to lose ab weight, right? Wrong. All that you’re doing when you’re doing your latest 100 crunches, is adding a layer of muscle underneath that layer of fat. That’s not a bad thing at all, but you gotta be real – that fat can only be trimmed away if you take in fewer calories than you’re burning off each day. A combination of cardio, weights, and other exercises are the only way to shake off the love handles.

Genetics Make A Difference

Some people say if you have fat parents, you’re going to be destined for much of the same. The truth couldn’t be farther from this myth. While you might be predisposed towards behaviours or conditions, the reality is that people are largely free to determine their own fate, through diet, exercise, and healthy habits. Setting those habits, and sticking to them will help more than any accident of fate ever could.

Skinny People Don’t Need Exercise
“Well I’m not fat, so it’s not like I need to go to the gym.” How many times has your friend told you that? You know the one. He constantly thinks because he’s lanky as a twig he can get away with being out of shape. Well, being that thin is out of shape too – remember. If you’re getting tired running up a flight of stairs, or straining to open a jar, remember you can’t be far from pulling a muscle just lifting a box.


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