5 NBA Relationships That Have Lasted


It’s unfortunate but the reality is that most athlete marriages don’t last. They’re on the road much of the time, and are surrounded by money, and people who are paid to help them get anything they want. That said, it also makes it that much more special when we see relationships in the league that do last. From newly minted couples to longtime partners, we give you a rundown of some of the most stable, resolute relationships in the NBA.


Amar’e Stoudemire & Alexis Welch-Stoudemire
The couple have dated quietly since 2002, and finally tied the knot in a small Jewish ceremony in New York City on December 12th, 2012. A couple with four kids already, the couple had a larger ceremony just this past month, meant for the media, but that small ceremony was a good indicator of how close the couple and young family are, and how serious they are about making it work.

Marko Jaric & Adrianna Lima
Ex-Timberwolves guard Jaric first met Victoria’s Secret model Adrianna Lima back in 2008 and tied the knot later that year. Though the combination of supermodel-and-baller seems destined for the trash heap, Lima’s devout Catholicism and Jaric’s dedication to his wife means that the two have stuck together and worked hard to keep their marriage. It seems to work for them, as the two are still together, and the proud parents of two children.

Grant & Tamia Hill
It’s not totally surprising that Grant Hill and makes the grade here. One of the most vanilla guys in the league, Grant Hill has built a reputation on being even-tempered, patient, reliable, and predictable. Not marketable attributes in an NBA superstar (just ask Tim Duncan), but those are huge assets to a marriage. Introduced to each other by Anita Baker back in 96, Grant and Tamia tied the knot in 1999. Just four years later however, Tamia learned she had multiple sclerosis. Grant would stay by his wife’s side and help her fight the disease. Grant had good examples set for him though. Grant’s parents, Calvin and Janet, are still married to this day.

Herb & Deborah Williams
An example of a marriage where both parties meet success and support each other through that success, Herb and Deborah have been married since the 1980s and still going strong today. While Herb made his name as a big man on the Pacers in the 1980s, Deborah founded what’s now known as Behind the Bench, a charitable and support organization for the wives of NBA players. The group raises money for charity, and also supports newly minted NBA wives who might not know how to organize a lot of the logistical side of things – like how to sell a house and transfer your kids to a new school in Detroit if your husband gets traded to the Pistons all of a sudden.

Kobe Bryant & Kobe Bryant
One of the only relationships in the NBA to have lasted all the ups and downs over the years. The people around him might change, but Kobe has stayed true to the relationship that has brought him the most happiness over the years. It’s a relationship that has remained strong despite the scandals, ups and downs that have dogged this couple through the years, and has emerged stronger than ever.


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