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Once infamously known as the “sexting app,” Snapchat has worked vigorously on its security, and is back with a fresh updated version.

But some of you must be wondering – just what the hell is Snapchat?

One of the biggest names in the App game, Snapchat is a free App, available for Android and iOS. It’s a camera and messaging system all in one, that lets you take pictures, and send them to other Snapchat users. This doesn’t sound so different from the idea of just texting someone pics from your phone’s usual camera function – but here’s the kicker. Snapchat only allows people to view photos for a short amount of time – which you set.

Once Snapchat detects that someone’s viewed the picture, a timer in the App starts – once that timer’s up, the App deletes the photo on your phone, on their servers, and on any phones that have seen the picture.

While this has its share of less than savoury uses (most people still just refer to it as “the sexting app”), it’s definitely got PG uses as well.

Sneaker resellers know that scumbags posing as buyers will ask you for pics of what you’re selling… before using those same pics for fake eBay or Sole Collector listings. A picture sharing app with automated deletion system definitely has its uses there for sure.

Most people agree, with over 10 million Snapchat downloads registered through iTunes and the Google Play Store. And while the company doesn’t disclose the number of users it has, it’s estimated there are over 200 million pictures shared using the app each day. In a recent round of venture funding Snapchat was able to raise $60 million.

It’s not all smooth sailing however, as there have been issues surrounding the deleting of these images. Bugs in previous versions allowed users to save pictures that were meant to be deleted – while some lazy work on the server side sometimes meant that pictures meant to be deleted were kept on the Snapchat servers.

Despite all that noise though, it’s still an App worth keeping. It runs smoothly on almost every phone, with little lag, few performance issues, and as long as you’re not Snapchatting pictures of your junk out there, the privacy issues are basically bunk anyway.

And besides, if a girl texts you at 3 in the morning and asks if you wanna see a Snapchat of her; are you really gonna tell her you don’t have it because you’re worried about it’s privacy issues?


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