Be a Better Best Man


Your friend’s finally doing it – he’s giving away his heart. He’s texted all those old girls and told them not to bother him anymore, he’s bought the ring, he’s decided that’s it, and what’s more he’s picked you to be his best man.

You’ve done your due diligence, and made sure he’s sure, but outside of that, what should you be doing to be a better best man? We’ve got a few quick tips.


What’s good for your friend is good for you. And what’s good for your friend, is what the bride says is good for him. Don’t be that guy who convinces him to have a wild bachelor party, that ends with both of you at a monkey knife fight in Guadalajara 3 hours before he’s supposed to tie the knot. More realistically, this is more a question of you asking the bride straight up, if she’s alright with a bachelor party, and what the limits she feels comfortable with are.

Remember, this lady’s supposed to be your best friend’s other half for the rest of his life, so let her know she can trust you. It’s important.

And if you do cross any lines she sets up – be ready to take a bullet for the groom and say it was all your idea and you coaxed him into it.  Even if it wasn’t. It’s what’s expected.


Get the Groomsmen in Order
Make sure all the guys picked as groomsmen know what they’re expected to do and what they’re expected to wear. If you don’t know, the bride or wedding planner is sure to tell you. Know where you can get a jacket dry cleaned in an afternoon. Know where you can get spare ties if the groomsmen lose any. You might also have to arrange gifts for the groomsmen – depending on the wedding. You’ve gotta be on point, and ready to take on some of the load of the day.


Get Him to the Church On Time
No matter what happens, you need to get him to the ceremony, on time. No matter what. If he’s still half drunk, throw him in an ice bath, get him dressed and get him there. If being held on a drunk and disorderly charge, get your lawyer, and bail him out and get him to the altar. This is your most important job, really. If he’s having second thoughts, tell him he can sort it out at the ceremony. Convince him. Lie if you have to. Getting him to the altar, with ring in hand is your top priority.

Oh and also, do not forget the rings.
Give a Good Toast

Now that your job’s basically almost done, you just need to give a toast to the new couple. Go with a tried and tested classic. Tell an embarrassing story. Nothing crazy – the time he got pantsed playing AAU ball, or the time he tried to slide into home base and lost his shoe or something. Nothing with exes, nothing with other women. Wrap up with how you can’t believe he’s getting married and all that but you can tell they’re ready and all that. Don’t matter if it’s true – you’re nearly at the finish line – just make them believe it!

If you can get over those – you’re pretty much done. Kick back, enjoy the rest of the wedding, and take in the handshakes from a toast well-given, and a job well done.


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