How to Deal With a Breakup


There’s a lot of things you can get told right after a bad breakup. None of it is stuff you wanna hear. Not at the time, anyway. Any sucker can tell you she’s made a huge mistake, or she’ll regret that decision. But that’s not what you want at the time, is it? You wanna lie around, feel terrible and mope. That’s what humans do, for some dumb reason. That being said, sometimes you need someone to tell you exactly what you should be doing though. Let’s run down all the best ways you can deal with a breakup.

Don’t Slump
The biggest temptation you have is to slump. Just bury yourself in bed, call in sick to work, and watch TV for like, eight hours straight, eating pizza. That’s the worst thing you can do. Staying inactive, letting your brain run over all the terrible stuff that you did wrong, or all the things you did right, is a great way to go crazy. Don’t do that. There’s time to look over the game tape later.

Best thing to do right now, is keep your head up. If you gotta take the time off work, fine, but use it to work on your pull up jumper instead. Or hit the treadmill. Getting that blood pumping will release endorphins that help fight off depression. And stopping yourself from starting that bad cycle, is a big win for you right now.


Take Some Time For Yourself
We talked about taking some time off work. Well if this was a real bad breakup, if this was the girl you were ready to marry, if this is a six year relationship getting toasted, you might want to consider taking a proper holiday. Take off two weeks and do something you always wanted to do. Rent that cabin and go fishing. Visit some far off country you always wanted to.

It don’t matter what you do, just make sure you get out of the cycle and place you’re in right now, so that when you come back to real life, you’re in a better place mentally, and ready to attack it again.

Remember Your Friends
Reacquaint yourself with your friends and family. They’ll rally round you in a time like this. Don’t drive them off. And most of all, tell ‘em clear and easy, just what you want right now. It might hurt, but it’ll save you all a lot of trouble if you just tell ‘em nice and simple “Look, I just don’t even wanna think about that girl anymore,” or “I just wanna talk about what went wrong.” They’ll get the message.

Set Limits For Yourself

Some guys, moment they know it’s over, like to hit the strip club. Other guys hit the bottle. We’re not here to pass judgement. Just know that at times like this, it’s very, very easy to fall into self destructive patterns. Set hard limits for yourself, and don’t let yourself exceed them.

Just Get Through It
The most important thing is to remember to survive. Get through it – keep waking up, keep going to work, keep hitting the gym, keep talking, keep going outside, and sooner than you think, it won’t be something that hurts so bad anymore – it’ll just be something that you remember happened to you once.


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