How To Meet Her Parents


So you’ve decided to commit. To settle down. That’s good. Humans have an urge to nest (so we’re told), and the idea that you’re finally ready to stop playing the field is a sign of maturity. But before you buy that ring, or sign up for joint chequing accounts, there’s one more big step to make – meeting the parents. This can be confusing at the best of times. Thankfully, BALLnROLL has done this enough to be able to walk you through this domestic minefield.


Dress The Part
We’re not saying you need to go out and rent a tux, or show up ready to go to the opera, but a collared shirt at the very least is a must. Make sure whatever you wear, it’s clean and presentable. Button up shirts should be ironed, jeans shouldn’t sag, and neither should you. Try and stand up a bit straighter. Outside of that, most rules are just nonsense. Tuck your shirt in if you like, but stuff like that is really pretty ambiguous. When in doubt though, ask your girl – she knows her parents better than anyone.


Clean Yourself Up
Keep yourself in good condition. You know how to keep yourself clean. Just watch out for the little stuff you know parents go nuts over. Keep your fingernails trim and clean. Don’t put too much cologne on – there are those moms that just go looking for an excuse to wiggle their nose and ask what smells.

Shoe Game
Some guys are going to tell you that you need to wear dress shoes. That’s crap. You wear what you’re comfortable with. If you spend the whole night twitching and aching because you’re wearing a new pair of leather shoes that make your feet hurt real bad, you were better off in your old beaters.

That said, whatever you wear, try to keep them neat and presentable. Just because you’ve got a pair of OG Olympic VII’s, doesn’t mean you need to wear them. They’re over 20 years old at this point and probably stink like a wet cat by now. Stay true to you, but don’t go nuts.

Eye contact, shaking hands firmly, and how to bring a gift are those rules everyone can Google for themselves at this point. And as for dinner manners? Those are things your parents taught you themselves, so don’t go shaming them now. But also remember to be a good conversationalist. Know when to back off a conversation point if you feel there’s an argument boiling, but don’t be afraid to occasionally stick to an opinion. Everyone, guys and girls, need to have a strong backbone in this day and age.

Be Yourself
If you’ve been paying attention so far, you’ve noticed that we’re not telling you to act like some kind of Wally Cleaver, Theo Huxtable perfect dude. You’re not. You know it, and your lady knows it. See here’s the thing a lot of guys make the mistake of doing. You’re not here because you need to win her parent’s approval. She makes her own decisions. You’re here, because you’re going to be in her life for a long time, and so are her parents, and it’s all just easier to get along.


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