Kanye West’s A.P.C. Collaboration


This collaboration with A.P.C. isn’t Kanye West’s first fashion collab – but it’s the one that’ll definitely get the most tongues waggling. Something that’s been in the works for ages, it’s finally been dropped exclusively on the A.P.C. website.

A.P.C. since the word go, has always been open to collaboration with street style icons. The French brand hooked up with Supreme back in the day, and still regularly works with RETROSUPERFUTURE and Carhartt. This one just made a lot more sense. Kanye shares the same minimalist sensibilities as A.P.C. founder Jean Touitou, and the line is pretty much the embodiment of the ideals that both strive towards.


Remember that when you’re dropping your jaw over $120 shirts, and $300 hoodies, that look like they cost about $20 to make. That’s the idea. Remember that Kanye is the first cat to criticize the hood rich mentality that pervades the black community. The idea of spending thousands on shoes, clothes, cars or other transient material possessions, while being unable to pull themselves out of the ghetto, is a recurring theme in his work – going all the way back to All Falls Down on The College Dropout, and addressed recently in New Slaves


People aren’t just slaves to their own desires, but the marketing pushed to make us want to buy, consume, and need. Kanye’s painfully conscious of his own status as a style and tastemaker – his Air Yeezy sneakers have pretty much cemented that status. With that in mind, Kanye’s line is intentionally expensive, and intentionally a waste of money. Not only is it a condemnation of the status seeking behaviours of American youth, it’s also a commentary on the actions of the ultra-wealthy. What’s more luxurious in this day and age than spending hundreds of dollars to look like you spent none? Even those in the know would be hard pressed to tell the difference between Kanye’s $120 t-shirt, and a $5 Hanes tee. The satisfaction comes not from the product, but from the self-destructive buying behaviours.


That being said, it’s a pretty dope clothing line on its own. The most basic of basics, we can’t help but approve of the simple, clean lines seen on the hoodies – while the short sleeve hoodie is pretty much on-trend for the season. We’re also enjoying the Japanese denim used for the KANYE JEANS.

Everything is super basic, and that’s just what style may need right now – making this one of the most on-point collabs we’ve seen in recent seasons. The Kanye West x A.P.C. collection is exactly what anyone with the money to burn needs – and anybody thinking they should save up for it should give New Slaves another listen.


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