VUHL05: Mexico’s New Supercar

The Italians have dominated the supercar world for as long as we can remember. Back when we were still in grade school, us baby gearheads would sit around and talk Lamborghini and Ferrari. Once we grew up a bit, Mercedes and Bugatti entered the scenario, and today, newer brands like Pagani and McLaren are names we talk too. But we didn’t ever think we’d one day start talking up a small auto company from Mexico, making something that sounds like it was named after a lady’s pink bits.

The VUHL 05 (don’t laugh), is the pet project of two brothers from Mexico City, both sons of a professional racing driver. Guillermo and Iker Echeverria designed the VUHL 05, a stunning bit of design with an ultramodern look. The thing is a mean looking piece of work with a body made of RTM reinforced plastic from Canada, and shipped to Mexico where it’s assembled.


The engine is a Ford made 2.0 litre 4-cylinder DOHC turbocharged engine, outputting 285 horsepower. Combined with the relatively light weight, the engine tops out at 152 mph, and has a zero to sixty of 3.7 seconds, which puts it pretty much squarely in Audi TT territory. And that’s sort of the strange thing about it.

The design and all the hype and marketing going into it screams supercar, but it’s just not in the same category as all those Italian names we dropped at the start of the article. For reference, Lamborghini’s Aventador is a 12 cylinder gas guzzler, that tops out at 217 mph. In fact, Lamborghini doesn’t even make a car with less than 8 cylinders. It looks like a supercar, but it isn’t a supercar. The pricing seems to suggest the same, as it’s slated to go on sale for $84,000 USD later this year. At that price, why not just buy a Bentley or Aston Martin?

Presumably because the Bentley isn’t as fun to drive. Everything about the VUHL screams track car, and there’s no denying the VUHL 05 looks like it would be the most fun to drive on a track day, screaming around with the wind in your hair. Though the designers brag it’s street legal, the idea of using a car with just 110mm ground clearance and no top as a street car is laughable.

No, the VUHL 05 puts itself in a category with vehicles like the Lotus 7, the KTM X-Bow or basically anything Morgan Motors puts on the road. Fantastically fun cars that are definitely worth the investment if you love fun and have around a hundred thousand dollars to burn. And if you’ve got the money, the VUHL 05 is definitely worth it, with slick lines that will make you glad you paid for it.


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