Dressing for a Summer Wedding


It’s the greatest day… of your friend’s life. You’re not there yet. But you are there to celebrate a special day for two of your friends. In the fall or winter, weddings are easy. Suit, shoes, tie. You’re set. Right? It’s this summer wedding someone insisted on that’s killing you. The sun’s scorching, and who decided on a yogurt dish for an appetizer in the summer? At least let us tell you how you can look your best, without roasting alive.


Linen or Seersucker Suit
Hopefully your friends have had the good forethought to make this a semi-casual wedding where you can ditch the suit jacket, and enjoy the day. If your friends are miserable people, they’ve told you you still need to wear suit and tie. Find yourself a linen suit to look good, and feel cool as well. Linen’s a lightweight fabric originally made to be worn in hot places. How hot? Well, evidence points to the first linens being woven in Egypt. So really damn hot.

If linen’s not your style, seersucker has been the biggest trend lately. Southern gents will know what we’re on about – it’s that crinkled cotton seen on southern Republicans. It’s gotten huge lately, with people like Andre 3000 swearing by it. Try it on next time you’re at your tailors, and see if you can make it work.

Natural Fabrics
Polyester and other synthetics might be cheaper, but here’s the thing – cotton breathes. So for your shirt, stick to cotton, which will look classic, and also let the air in for you. You might end up looking wrinkled to all hell at the end of the day – but so will everybody else.

Stay away from any shirts that say they’ve been treated to be ‘wrinkle free’ or ‘non-iron’ as well. The chemicals used to treat those shirts make them stay straight. We can acknowledge that. But they also start to boil, and get sticky on a hot day, making it feel like you’re wearing plastic instead of fabric. Classic cotton. Nothing wrong with that.


It’s down to how well you know this couple, and how casual this day is meant to be. BALLnROLL is a big fan of mixing casual and formal – and therefore have no objections to wearing kicks with your wedding day attire – especially if you’re not in the wedding party. But if the invitation reads something like “Business casual” or “formal attire”, best not upset the bride – stick to dress shoes. The day’s not about you anyway, right?

Keep your tie bright and fresh. We want something that looks summery – so put away that burgundy, put away your black tie, put away your dark grey. This is a happy day, so dress like it, yeah? If you’re really feeling the heat, take a cue from your grandpappy, and don’t be afraid to pack a cotton handkerchief in your pocket to wipe the sweat.


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