Kent Bazemore

Kent Bazemore might be the lowest ranked player to ever have his own signature move. At least, that’s if you put any stock into ESPN’s rankings of the top players in basketball. But the signature move?  That’s indisputable. Bazemoring is the better version of Tebowing, and it’s gone viral over the last season.   To top it all off, 2K Sports has given it the nod, and included it in NBA2K14.
But behind it all, there’s Kent Bazemore, the Golden State sophomore out of Old Dominion with the smooth shooting stroke and lockdown defense, ready to step up next year.
When did you first get the idea to have 499 embroidered into your shoes?

I got ranked by ESPN last year, 499th best player in the NBA, and there’s some things you hold onto. I don’t wanna say it rubbed me the wrong way, because when it came out, hell, I didn’t know what my situation was gonna be either. You know? So, I didn’t know what my situation was gonna be. I took it embraced it. I started writing it on the side of my shoes along with a bible verse. Just kept working, worked hard every day, work with my coaches, Joe Boylan and Darren Erman all the time. I started making strides, and the day I got my contract guaranteed, and then, I made it past the trade deadline as well, I just kept working, doing what I was doing, just tried to stick around.

The Warriors are going to be loaded on the wings this season. How do you feel that you can contribute in the rotation?
Like I say, that’s up to Coach Jackson, you know? And he’s going to play the best five. Coach Jackson is not the type to play favorites. He doesn’t have favorites. He’s going to play whoever’s getting the job done, with the hand he was dealt. You know for next season, he’s got a lot of weapons. It could be a guy’s night any night, you know, so I wouldn’t say that I’m not gonna play a lot. But once I get my opportunity, I just gotta make my best of it.
There’s some new faces joining the roster for the coming season- Iguodala, Jermaine O’Neal, Toney Douglas – if you were asked to show them around the Bay Area for a day, where you take them?
Oh man. If I had to show em around the Bay Area? I’d definitely take ’em to like, you know San Francisco is a great city. Walnut Creek, San Jose. There’s a bunch of places I could take ‘em, I mean the Bay is just a big melting pot. You can get any flavor from anywhere. But if I could, it’d be like, San Jose, Walnut Creek, and San Francisco. All three stops.
How’ve you settled? Have you found places you like to go to get food, stuff like that?
A favorite place to get food? Not so much. I live in Emeryville, California, and it’s right between Oakland and San Francisco, so it’s very quiet, you know very isolated. I got a Target out there, got an Ikea out there, so I got a movie theatre. It’s quiet, people are nice. That’s where I like to stay. I lived in San Francisco in the summer, but San Francisco can get a little rough, there’s a lot to do all the time. Emeryville’s nice and quiet. It’s perfect for me.
What do you like to do during your off days?
Off days? I didn’t have too many of those, but I got a puppy. Tomorrow he’s getting spayed. I play with him a lot. Play video games. I play FIFA a lot, I play Madden. You know, just got back onto 2K13. So man, I play video games man, I don’t really do too much. I draw occasionally, when I’m feeling up to it. I’m a simple person, I don’t really do too much. You know, being on league minimum, you can’t really take off and go places like you want anyway. Right now, I’m just as simple as they get.
Talking of video games, you recently did motion capture for 2K right?
Yes, sir.
Whose idea was that?
Harrison (Barnes) had called me – I was in LA, this was right after my birthday. I was down in LA hanging out, and Harrison calls me, you know, tells me happy birthday of course, when you get back to the Bay, we gotta go up to 2K. They wanna do some motion cap, you know whatnot.
So we get there, I do a couple of shooting moves. Then they’re like, “Alright dude, let’s do some Bazemoring.”  And I’m like, “Wait, what?” And they – you understand – they set it up where I was the player on the sidelines, throwing a couple of my cheerings, doing a couple of my celebrations and whatnot.
It was a good time man, they said it’s gonna be on 2K14.   You know, once the fans found out, it was crazy. I got a lot of feedback, a lot of people hit me on Twitter, Instagram, you know, basically congratulating me, saying it was so hype that Bazemoring’s on 2K14
For real, do you play as yourself on 2K?
Oh no question. I play myself all the time with 2K. That’s like a dream come true. Cause before I was on there, I used to do the My Player thing, you know create yourself and play. But now, I play with the Warriors all the time, I got the trades on there. I got the minutes. I play a little bit more than I would in real life, I can say that.
Quick questions; okay who’s got the worst sense of style in the Warriors locker room?
Oh the worst sense of style? I gotta go with Festus Ezeli, man. Good god. He wears some questionable outfits. But you can’t really get on Fest, cause he’s comfortable with it. He’s very confident in what he wears. But you know, we got on him a lot last season, about what he was wearing, so hopefully this year’s a lot different.
Who’s got the best taste in music?
Best taste in music? I say myself. I love music. Music probably my thing. I listen to jazz a lot. Listen to some Miles Davis, I got some George Strait. You know I got a lot of stuff, man. I got the hip hop of course, little bit of R&B, you know that kind of stuff. I think I have the largest variety of genres on my iPad, so I give that award to myself.
Finally, if you could put yourself in a starting 5 with any other 4 players in the league right now – who would they be?
Man, I’m gonna be biased man. I gotta be biased.
That’s alright, be biased.
I gotta go with… I love Steph. Steph. I’ll go with Harrison. I played with Harrison a couple times down in Vegas, I like the way he plays, Ezeli of course, and I’m gonna go with Bogut. I’m gonna go with my Warrior guys man.
Sounds good. Thanks for taking the time to talk to us, and good luck next season.
Alright my man. 


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