Movies of the Summer of 2013


Everyone wants to hold down the summer. Moviemakers, rappers, kids trying for a roster spot in the Summer Leagues – but only a few are really able to do it. Let’s take a look back on the summer of 2013, and talk about what movies we all know we’ll be talking about next year when they come out on Blu Ray.


White House Down

The summer pretty much started for us with this. Stupid name, stupid concept, awesome movie. Let’s recap. Jamie Foxx plays an Obama rehash, whose White House gets taken over by terrorists. Then Foxx, and Channing Tatum, playing an ex-soldier turned Capitol police officer join forces to save the White House, America, and also the world. Seriously, at the end, somehow there’s a big peace treaty, and… look it didn’t exactly make sense then either, but we’re definitely not watching this one for the story. We’re watching for explosions, one-liners, and camp fun. This was the movie to turn your brain off to.

Pacific Rim
It’s criminal that this came in third on its opening weekend. Despicable Me 2, yeah okay, we understand kids movies are big earners. But that it came in behind Grown Ups 2 is ridiculous. By far the best giant robot movie of an entire generation. We understand that’s not exactly a deep field (Stephon Marbury is the greatest basketball player of all time to have his own shoe at Steve & Barry’s), but this effort by Guillermo del Toro is probably one of the best written, best directed sci fi action movies ever.

The story’s way better than it has any right to be given all the special effects, and the pacing does well to get us engaged in the struggle against the kaiju. Idris Elba is… well he’s Idris Elba. Which makes this worth watching alone, but the man almost steals the show when he’s on screen. Way better than the last two Transformers movies, and if you need any more endorsement, check out what Kanye had to Tweet about it.


Enough said.


The Wolverine
While a lot of comic nerds got happy about Iron Man 3, this continuation of the Wolverine series was the biggest deal this summer. To kick things off, it’s based on the classic 1982 Wolverine limited run comic, written by Chris Claremont. For those of you who don’t know, that 1975-1992 period, is considered a golden age to X-Men nerds, and Chris Claremont is basically comic book Jesus for X-Men nerds.

During this saga, Wolverine returns to Japan, where he has to… well look, this is basically an hour and a half of Wolverine fighting samurai. That’s all you needed to know right? This is the movie we all wanted.


Kick-Ass 2
Another comic book movie, but with a much harsher edge. A big ask, considering the other one’s The Wolverine. Based on the hit indie comic, Kick-Ass 2 brings back the winning formula from the first movie – putting superheroes in real life.

More cursing from children, more bloody thumps as punches his bodies, and more gore and gunplay make this way better than any sequel really has any right to be. And Jim Carrey somehow does the impossible and makes himself a great actor again. It’s not that we think he wasn’t one – it’s just we’re surprised he had enough left in the tank to do this job. That Colonel Stars and Stripes costume looks heavy.


This is your get your inspiration on movie of the year. Everyone got touched by what Steve Jobs did – from the twenty cats in Starbucks tapping away on iPhones and Macbooks, to Kanye up in his studio hashing out beats on the newest iMac. The casting of Kutcher looked like the Ron Artest Lakers signing – ridiculous. But just like the Artest signing, it’s come good in the end, as Kutcher looks like he’s dusted off his acting chops, and has done one hell of a job to look like, act like, sound like, and just generally be Steve Jobs. Impressive.


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