Myths About Women


There’s a lot of nasty truths going around about everyone these days. He said this. She said that. Men only want one thing. Good women don’t do this, that or the other thing. Well, here’s a surprise for all of you. It’s a cultural construct. There’s six billion of us on earth right now, so it’s time you learned that all those myths and things you used to think about women are a media lie. So sit down listen, and get ready to get a little bit more educated on the subject.


They Hate Sports
A lot of women don’t hate sports at all. Some of them love it even more than you do. You know what they do hate though? Hearing a boring guy go on and on and on for hours about why he likes sports. Conversation’s supposed to be a two-way street. You’re not giving a lecture here, you’re supposed to take what the other person gives you, and contribute back with what it. She likes Ray Allen. You tell her you think he’s a great clutch shooter. You don’t tell her you think he’s overrated. I mean, if we have to give you tips about how to have a conversation, you need more help than we can give you.

And most of all, women love sports, but hate when guys try to quiz them on it, like they don’t know or something. So she’s wearing a Raptors jersey. Doesn’t mean you can quiz her on who they drafted in the second round in 1998, and it doesn’t mean you can turn your nose up and say she’s not a real Raptors fan if she doesn’t know. Who does know that? Google tells me it was Tyson Wheeler, but they could’ve told us anything and we’d have believed it.


They Don’t Want Sex
Women want sex. In fact, some want it as much as men do. Some women are as freaky and desperate as guys, and some are as uninterested in it as that one cousin of yours who sits in the basement playing with train sets all day.

The thing to remember is that women are playing with a different set of rules than we are. Once you get that into your head, everything makes a lot more sense. If a guy goes out and sees a girl he had a one nighter with way back when, or has been in a lot of relationships, he gets a pat on the back. He’s a ladykiller. If a lady does that, neighbourhood tongues get to waggling, and teeth get clicking. Some women don’t let that bug them. But for others, you need to understand that she wants to put you through the paces and make sure you’re the real deal before making one wrong step. And doesn’t that just make her careful?


They’re All Waiting for Romeo
They’re not. Some are, but the women you really want to deal with, aren’t. These women are out there working as hard, and sometimes harder than men. They don’t want your pity, your money, or your condescension. They want your respect. Once you can give them that, then maybe we can start to talk about love.

How would you feel if every single woman you met automatically assumed you were that kind of furry-hat wearing, “Rules Of The Game”-reading, Las Vegas street magician-looking, creepy faced pick up artist? You’d hate it, wouldn’t you? Start to wrap your head around that, and you’ll get a lot further in your understanding.

That doesn’t mean all women want you to treat them like some kind of Soviet-era “good job comrade.” When you’re in a relationship, being tender, and being affectionate is normal – it’s just a lot of us guys need to learn how to really respect women as people, before they can respect women as spouses.


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