Scandals of the Summer of 2013


Soccer fans have a term for the offseason. They call it “silly season,” and it’s a pretty decent term. Anything can happen, anyone can be traded anywhere, and in a bid to keep up, sports pages fill themselves up with supposed rumours (Melo to LA in 2015!), gossip, and ridiculous scandals. Here’s four that we loved.

Ty Lawson Arrested
Just when we thought the summer was going to be a bit calm, Ty Lawson manages to fulfill all sorts of horrible stereotypes about NBA players. Lawson and his girlfriend, actress Ashley Nicole Pettiford (Formerly of Bad Girls Club. No, we don’t remember, either), were arrested for domestic violence on the evening of August 19th. From what neighbours allege, it was a proper bust-up too, with cell phones being thrown, shouting, shoving, and of course, the police eventually showing up and booking the both of them. An Arapahoe County Sheriff says that the police arrested both of them, because of the “mutual situation,” and that there was “there was probable cause to arrest both parties.”


Follow up reports say that the fight may have started because Lawson was caught by Pettiford talking to another woman on his cell phone. Pettiford is said to have smashed Lawson’s phone, and Lawson tried to smash hers against a wall, failed, and then ran it under a faucet, which is a pretty embarrassing sequence of events.

Stephen Jackson Strangles Steve Francis

Former San Antonio Spurs swingman, and one-time NBA Champion Stephen Jackson has fallen off a bit since the season ended. Though known throughout the league as a true pro, fantastic teammate, and devout Christian (even leading Bible study classes at Golden State), Jackson was seen strangling former NBA Rookie of the Year Steve Francis.

Both were at a nightclub, where Jackson jumped on the mic to drop a few bars. Stevie Franchise was also on the scene, and video evidence shows Jackson reaching out and just deciding to strangle him, showing off his impressive wingspan. Friends and bystanders broke the two up before it got too heated, but things looked ready to go off at any time. Remember when Steve Francis was supposed to become Houston’s franchise star? Funny how much ten years can change things.  The whole video’s available on YouTube.

Metta World Peace Fools World
After the Los Angeles Lakers amnestied Metta World Peace, he went onto waivers, and could have been picked up by any team that bid for him. That’s how the Amnesty provision works. Whoever offers the highest bid wins, regardless of the wishes of Metta or the Lakers. The Knicks, who wanted MWP, and who Metta wanted to play for, are so badly into cap that there was no way they could bid for him, and had to wait for every other team to pass on him first.

So Metta World Peace started himself on a massive disinformation campaign, set on making himself look like the Ron Artest of old, and making him effectively unsignable. He would loudly announce to the press that he was retiring, without actually retiring. Then he would turn around and say he was joining the LA Kings. Then he was going to play Arena Football. Or open a restaurant. Maybe he’d go to China, and join Gilbert Arenas in the CBA? Only one of those I made up, and I’m not convinced it didn’t happen when I wasn’t paying attention anyway.

And so, every other team in the nation took one look at Metta, decided “No, we don’t need that,” and off to New York he went, just like he planned all along.

Okay, so this was less a scandal, more amazing.

Michael Beasley Arrested for Marijuana Possession… Again

Phoenix was already looking like they were hot in the tank for the draft of 2014, looking set to put former number two overall pick Michael Beasley at starting power forward. The former Kansas State standout has been dogged with accusations of being lazy his entire career, and mixed with various drug related offenses, has been considered a liability on most teams.
However, for a team hoping for the worst record in the league, this was considered a bit of an asset. Add that to an expiring contract, and he becomes a tanking team’s dream player. Then he got arrested for marijuana possession, yet again. During a routine traffic stop, police say the arresting officer smelled weed, and when searching the car found three joints in the car. Goddammit Beas.

NBA and NCAA Players Rumoured to be in Biogenesis Net

The first victims of the Biogenesis fallout have already emerged, as Major League Baseball has suspended several players for violations of their doping laws, and New York’s own A Rod has been slapped with a 200+ game ban that is currently suspended while he appeals his case.
However, the whistleblower who first alerted newspapers to the Biogenesis clinic, says that there are many more players in other sports connected to the PED dispensing clinic – including current NBA and NCAA players. Incoming commissioner Adam Silver has said he’s going to be implementing drug testing in the NBA next year, so the fallout from this one is going to last for a while.


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