Shop Window: 5 Things To Buy This August


The heat just gets hotter in the month of August.  Or at least, it’s supposed to.  For the last month we’ve been dealing with temperature that go from hoodie weather, to heat that could fry eggs on the pavement.  This is no month for humans as the temperature just climbs higher. That in mind, let’s take a rundown at the kind of stuff you should pick up to look on point this August.

You think it makes you look tougher to rock full pants in August? Come on, son. Be smart about it. HUF’s camo shorts are on point. They’ll keep you from burning up when the month gets real bad, and still looking fly when you know you need to.  Deadstock has em.

We’re loving the rebellious vibe that this raglan from Fresh Goods gives off. The melting letters are pretty much what we’re all feeling this month. Roll up those sleeves to make sure you’re not boiling either.  Find them at Hart & Sole.

With the Mutombos and Fire Red 5’s dropping this month, we know you’re sitting in line at 3AM outside Foot Locker. We’re not judging. We’ve been there too. And we know it’s cold as ice out there. So keep yourself warm while waiting in line at least. We like the Black Socks hoodie from UNDRCRWN. Practical, but badass. And a nice nod to anybody who can ID the Fab Five on your chest.  Get it direct from UNDRCRWN.
We could run down all the reasons why wearing sunglasses just makes sense. You know your eyes hurt. You know not wearing em in this kind of sun is bad for you. Instead we’re just gonna leave you with a picture of these clear frames from Allen, and let you reflect on how hype they look, and how much you know you need them on you right now.  They’re at Haven.


Big men shoes are the hottest things going on the summer, as we keep telling you. But Adidas saved the best big man sneaker for the hottest month of the year. Honor our favourite son of the Congo (Sorry Ibaka), with these retro adidas Mutombos. What’s that? You’re thinking of buying ten and flipping them? Eh eh eh! No no! Not in my house!  Drop date is August 23rd.


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