Taio Cruz Built A Social Network


Expanding your business interests is something that all good businessmen do. Dahntay Jones used the lockout to learn broadcasting. Shaq is the owner of 155 Five Guys Burgers locations, and ten gyms. And of course Magic Johnson owns the Dodgers, but did you also know he has a stake in global food and facilities management firm Sodexo?

None of that quite explains why Taio Cruz felt it necessary to start his own social network however. But he has, and KeWe, the new social network launched by the pop singer promises to be an all in one, mobile social network.


We’re oversimplifying of course. Taio Cruz didn’t sit down and learn how to code in Objective C, and hammer out an app himself. KeWe was developed by Tourean, a dev firm that Cruz funded and founded using the money from his singing career.

Cruz’s team designed KeWe to integrate features from Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, and Instagram. The idea is that it has all those levels of engagement, but only if you want to. You can “Follow” or “Connect” with other users, and whichever option you select lets you control the level of exposure you have to them, and vice versa.


It’s an interesting idea, and we here at BALLnROLL have certainly had issues with people we’re not keen on talking to online, in the past. We’ve often wished we could just see what people are up to, without having to constantly talk to them.

But then, isn’t that the entire point of Facebook? Though you might be friends with them, nobody’s holding a gun to your head, forcing you to talk to or engage with them. It’s all on you. So the big selling point on KeWe must be the integrated effects. All the feeds from dozens of apps are now contained in one. But only from other KeWe users. And KeWe is only available for iOS, an astonishing oversight.


While studies show that more than 50 per cent of smartphone users still use iOS, that share of the market has shrunk, and worldwide, more than 79 per cent of smartphone users worldwide use Android – probably owing to how common cheap Android devices are in developing countries.

What’s more, over 20 per cent of Americans use no internet at all, either through phone or home computer. So the facts are that only 80 per cent of Americans get the internet either through smartphones or computers, and only half of all smartphone users use iOS. So best case scenario for Mr. Cruz, is that 40% of America is able to use KeWe.

Bottom line is that KeWe is a great concept, but needs a lot of polish before it can really have any hopes of displacing Facebook. An Android version for the 80 per cent of the world not on an iPhone would be a great start.  KeWe is available online now.


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