The New Superfoods


People are always looking for the quickest way to fit. How can we get lean and muscular like an Olympic swimmer, without putting in all that work? Well, short answer is, you can’t. There’s no gain without pain, and there’s definitely no miracle food that’ll save you the effort. However, we’re getting closer than ever, finding foods that pack in the nutrients but keep the calories and fat at a minimum. Let’s look at a few.


Chia Seeds
If you’re wondering if this is the same stuff you put on Chia Pets – you’re right. But the seed’s been eaten for ages in Central and South America. One serving of chia has loads of fibre, Omega-3, calcium, and Vegetarians love it, because it packs a load of protein in a small package. Most of all, chia has tryptophan – the chemical in turkey that makes you full and sleepy. Add it to something to make you feel fuller if you have trouble burning calories.


Another grain from South America, quinoa has jumped from Whole Foods, to the health foods aisle of the regular supermarket. And with good reason. Like chia, quinoa is high in protein. It’s also a complex carb, that won’t spike your blood sugar like white breads. Quinoa is also rich in fibre and lysine, which helps repair muscles after exercise.


The go to diet food for supermodels and actresses for years now, the secret about kale is now out. That purply-green veggie in the supermarket, kale is low in calories, high in vitamin C, A, fibre, and calcium. So far, so good. It also freezes well, and gains a bit of sweetness after it’s spent a bit of time in the freezer. Better still. It’s also got as much iron as beef. Wait, what? Yup. 100 grams of kale has about 1.5 mg of iron – the same as about 100 grams of beef.


Lately there’s been this weird marketing trend to push yogurt towards guys. Brogurt, and putting it in containers with pictures of ripped abs on it. We don’t like it – mostly because seriously guys it’s yogurt. How insecure are you? It’s been around for centuries, and it’s hands down one of the most underloved superfoods among guys. It’s high in protein and packed with calcium. Add a spoon of unsweetened stuff to your morning cereal.

Sweet Potatoes

Usually, the worse something tastes, the better for you it is, right? Not the case with sweet potatoes. They’re full of vitamin A and C, and give you the same filling feeling as regular baked potatoes. Better still, their natural sweetness means you can leave the butter and salt you use on regular potatoes, on the side. And those of you worried about sugars can rest easy – the natural sugars in sweet potatoes are easier for humans to digest than added sugars in processed foods.


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