Video Games: Madden 25

There’s nothing as American as football. Let us set the scene for you. Thanksgiving weekend. Your mom’s turkey is in the oven, the air is cold enough for you need a hoodie, and you and some of your oldest friends and closest family are getting ready to burn off some calories by throwing the pigskin around for a quick game of two hand touch. 5 second no rushing.

For those of us who didn’t grow up in a Normal Rockwell poster however, American football means something else entirely. It means Madden. It means sore thumbs, it means smack talk in dorm rooms when we should really be in our 200-level Econ class, and it means one of the most hallowed franchises in video game history. And this year, Madden is back for it’s 25th year.

Everything you loved about Madden of the past is back, and better than ever. The guys at EA have put together an engine called Ignite that better tracks player off-ball movement to create a smoother, more cohesive game experience. They’ve debugged issues with footspeed, and done their best to create the most authentic, most satisfying Madden experience yet.

Classic Owner, Franchise and Become and Legend modes are back, with integrated online gameplay. You can control every aspect of your franchise from ticket prices, to overall fan satisfaction. Our favourite aspect? The fake Twitter feed that reacts to any and all moves you might want to make as a player or GM. Trade for Aaron Rodgers? Sportswriters will tweet and debate about you mortgaging your team’s future for a win today. And the in-game version of Skip Bayless will go ahead and Tweet about how stupid it was for you not to try to get Tim Tebow instead.

And probably best of all, Madden 25, this time around, features the Madden All-25 Team. Basically a sports video game nerd’s dream, the All-25 Team takes the very best players in the history of Madden, and assembles them into one team. Not the best players on the field, or the best players in history – the best players from previous Madden games. That means you’ll have Madden 2004’s Michael Vick passing to Madden 2009’s Randy Moss, while Madden 95’s Deion Sanders is covering him. Plays get drawn up by the 1977 version of John Madden himself, while 2003’s Marshall Faulk will be able to brilliantly execute any handoff plays you want.

Madden 25 is also being developed for the PS4 and Xbox One, with improved AI features. Now AI units can call and change plays in the middle of a play that’s already happening, simulating how great players and great teams will adjust to break up emerging patterns of play – just like in real games. The PS4 and Xbox One editions of Madden 25 are out in November, while the PS3 and 360 versions are available now.


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