How to Pop the Question


There are a few times in every man’s life when he should really get things right the first time. We’re not talking about learning to ride a bike, make a jump shot, or try to fire a gun. Those are things you can mess up again and again until you get them right. But for some things, you only get one chance. Things like saying goodbye to your father, like sinking the game-winning three in your last college game and things like popping the question. If you’ve decided to pack it in and commit to one lady (or lad—we’re not judging) for the rest of your life, there are a few things you should keep in mind before you do the big ask.

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Is She Ready?
More than if you’re ready, you need to know if she’s in a point in her life where she’s ready to sit down and commit to you. It might seem like a heavy thing to bring up in conversation, but you’ve got to do it. Maybe bring up what she wants to be doing in five years. You should be getting vibes coming from her about what she feels the next step in your relationship is. Move from there, yeah?

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Pick the Right Ring

At this point you should know what kind of lady you’re marrying. Is she a high class, uptown kind of girl? The kind you need to wine and dine at only the most elite restaurants? Or is she more bridge and tunnel, happy staying in and making dinner together before you both turn in together? You know what kind of lady you’re with, and you know what kinds of things she likes. Remember all this when you’re going ring shopping, and remember what size ring she wears.

That’s if you’re gunning it alone. If you’re taking one of her friends or family along to help you pick it out, then you’ve got it much easier. And of course, don’t forget to keep the receipt. She wants to exchange the ring, you exchange the ring. No complaints.

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Don’t Do It On Jumbotron
There is nothing more staggeringly arrogant, unpleasant and unhappy as a proposal at a sporting event. It’s even worse when the stadium staff are in on it, and her inevitable rejection is right up there on the big screen. It’s an intensely private moment, and it doesn’t need to be shared with fifteen thousand hollering fans, some of whom have the Pats logo painted on their beer bellies.

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Romantic Moments

You don’t need to get down on one knee in the middle of a big restaurant. You don’t need to have a big ring. You just need a little bit of private time, because this is a big moment for you two. And you don’t need to share it with anybody.


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