Nash: The Documentary


Steve Nash is a legend in his own right: NBA MVP, noted film maker, generous philanthropist and one of TIME Magazine’s top 100 most influential people in the world.

In an attempt to capture his greatness, a group of fans are now struggling to crowdfund $110,000, the funds they need to complete a documentary with Nash at its centre. They’ve already taken care of the money they need for travel, filming and editing, but they still need to cover the expenses of additional editing, graphics, licensing and more.

Launched Sept. 16, the canceled, 30-day Kickstarter page for Nash: The Documentary had raised over $6,000 as of press time, and counted 109 fans among its supporters. However, citing the need to restructure the campaign, director Michael Hamilton wrote that he will relaunch the effort Oct. 25 with a raft of new rewards, offers and other improvements.

Through a series of “raw, authentic” interviews with NBA players and celebrities, the production aims to show how Nash advanced through the NBA (up to and including his trade to the Lakers) and how he influences the society we live in. For better or for worse, the trailers seem to indicate most of these will be set to an epic score reminiscent of what Hans Zimmer wrote for Inception.

Ambitious? Over the top? Perhaps. But the directors claim that the Lakers point guard is already on board for the labour of love, and they have a slew of celebs slated to appear in the doc as well, including David Beckham, Kobe Bryant and the POTUS himself, Barack Obama.

Not bad for a crew who originally started with just a shoestring budget raised by friends, family and believers in the story they’re trying to tell. With another $110,000, who knows what they’ll come up with.

If you find yourself among the believers, donations will soon once more be accepted in any amount. Originally, backers pledging $5 are awarded rewards including DVDs of the final release, movie posters and more. But particularly generous patrons could donate upwards of $8,000 to star in the documentary (they’re fixing that, alright?).

The documentary treatment is fitting, as Nash himself became a documentarian after releasing Into The Wind, a look at the inspirational life of Terry Fox that he co-produced with his cousin, Ezra Holland, for ESPN’s 30 for 30


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