Now You See Me: This Fall’s Newest Takes On Camo


Camouflage prints have been part of every man’s uniform for quite some time, so you may think that you’ve seen them all. But as each fall season comes and goes, a lot of innovation goes into putting out the newest, most creative iterations of the time-honoured military print. From what we’ve seen of this fall (or rather, didn’t), designers are once again redrawing the battle lines and taking camo in new directions. Here are five new takes on the classic, guaranteed not to get you lost in the crowd.


Modern camo
Quite possibly the most innovative of camo prints come from Jimmy Choo’s newest collection. Choo, already a big proponent of adding camo to his collections and known for his high-end shoes, has completely thrown out the iconic blotches of traditional military gear and replaced them with silhouettes of nude women. The best part of this titillating technique is that you don’t know what you’re looking at until you get a closer look—the ultimate illusion. Shown here is an iPad case that’s part of Choo’s new collection.


Geometric camo
As if camouflage needed any additional masculine edge, designers have started squaring off their prints. Geometric patterns help break up a silhouette, which may explain the use of digital camo by today’s armed forces. You can use this to your advantage: a geometric-print shirt, for example, can be used to disguise any extra baggage you may be carrying around, or just to streamline your already clean-cut look. For the look, check out 10 Deep’s Kill Switch buttondown.


Artistic camo
You may remember this style of camo being sported by none other than NBA star Carmelo Anthony back during this year’s Toronto Film Festival. Not only is it on-trend, but this artistic take on camo gives a boost of texture to a print that is traditionally meant to be relatively flat-looking, guaranteeing a bold statement and lending itself to be a great print for accessories. Because camo is just that—bold—feel free to pair it with classic, low-key fall pieces like rust-coloured chinos and navy blazers, but don’t focus too much on matching colours up. We prefer to think of camo as a neutral shade, no matter how loud. Head over to 3.1 Phillip Lim for this backpack


Retro camo
Retro camo prints—in this case, Pacific camouflage with its trademark rounded splotches and warm colours—are back for a counterattack. Brighter greens, warmer browns and a heightened emphasis on neutral space over repeating patterns bring us back to a time when the print was just starting to get sorted out. Retro camo looks best vintage, whether it’s surplus or just made to look that way. Kith NYC has these Ronnie Fieg for Del Toro neoprene chukka boots floating around.


Fur camo
Those insecure with their masculinity need not apply: Fur camo is far from invisible this fall. For the ultimate in look-at-me, fur camo has exploded on the women’s side of style and is starting to get picked up by men’s designers who are using the out-there trim to hype up classic leather bomber jackets, sweatshirts and more. However, if you’re not that bold and still want the style, you can grab these slippers from streetwear brand A Bathing Ape—solely made for the indoors, far away from where anyone might see you.


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