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The NBA has always been home to some of the coolest hairstyles around. From the ‘fro that Dr. J rocked all the way to the rim, to His Airness’s chrome dome, to Kenny Sky Walker’s fade, Iverson’s cornrows and Rodman’s… situation, the NBA’s hair has led the way in cool. With that said, today’s NBA is no different. Let’s take a look at some of the best hair happening in the NBA today.


Photo: Keith Allison / Creative Commons

Joakim Noah
Though you wouldn’t know it, Joakim Noah has one of the finest manes in the entire league right now. Most games the man keeps it under wraps with a scrunchie that is presumably made out of titanium, but once he lets it loose, he looks every bit the French playboy he is. We just wish he would take a page out of his old man’s playbook and get some natty dreads already.


Metta World Peace
Bringing peace to the world, and the Rodman hair back into the league. The Artest formerly known as Ron may be best known for his borderline insane on-and-off-court behaviour, but his hair is strictly on point. If you’re going to paint yourself as a larger-than-life personality, you’ve got to have the look to match. And speaking of big personalities—



Chris Andersen
Of course Birdman makes an appearance on this list. Though his mohawk isn’t as big as it was in his days in Denver, it’s still one of the finest looking mohawks in the league. Possibly the only one. And a fitting topper for a man who has more ink on him than J.R. Smith and his brother combined. Dude just makes the too-much-hair-gel look work for him, and we can’t disrespect that at all. Can you?


Photo: Keith Allison / Creative Commons

Anderson Varejao
Just let your Soul Glo. Just let it shine through. Seriously, every time we see Anderson Varejao step on the court, we feel a bit like we’re seeing the runner up for a Brazilian Jermaine Jackson look-a-like competition. In the case of Anderson however, it’s all natural. The big man doesn’t need any activator. But could you imagine if he did? Leaving smelly, greasy marks all over Roy Hibbert’s shirt? Outstanding mental image. Please, make this happen, Anderson.


Photo: Nike Basketball

James Harden
The beard to end all beards. We thought we were impressed with Baron Davis’s Grizzly Adams look. As it turns out, that was just the warmup act for James Harden’s unbelievable mountain man impression. His inexplicable mini-mohawk situation only seems to be an underline on the point that his beard is making. Our vote is for him to just shave his head, leave only the beard and become a basketball version of Rick Ross.


Photo: Champs Sports

Iman Shumpert
Realistically, any of the league’s flat tops could have slotted in here. Norris Cole made a strong outing, and Nerlens Noel is gunning for the title of best flat top, but Shump has carved himself a niche, and it’s a beautiful thing. Dude is rocking one of the finest fades we’ve seen since the Fresh Prince got cancelled, and he’s helping it along with with an earnest—if slightly underwhelming—YouTube rap career.


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