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While some athletes stick to the tried and true formula of “get rich, buy a tiny sports car,” others like to live large—very large. NBA players are notorious for having larger-than-life personalities, so it surprises no one to see an armoured car or another gas-guzzler taking up their entire three-car garage. After all, large vehicles boast what matters most: Street cred, confidence and, of course, some much-needed extra headroom. Herein, we take a look at five reasons NBA athletes are stoked that they don’t have to find a parking spot themselves.


Photo: Terradyne Armoured Vehicles

J.R. Smith’s Ghurka F5
Price tag: $450,000
The newest addition to the NBA’s roster of imposing road warriors, J.R. Smith of the Knicks was seen pulling up to a NYC restaurant earlier last month in this hulking armoured truck—which you may remember last being driven by The Rock in Fast Five. [] The Ghurka F5, which was developed by Toronto-based Terradyne Armored Vehicles for police and military use, features a 300-horsepower, 6.7 L V8 turbo diesel engine, a 4×4 six speed automatic drive and has an optional gunnery hatch on top. Oh, and the six-metre-long truck weighs in at a cool 19,500 pounds with armour plating and gas, so it’s hardly your average grocery wagon.


Photo: Conquest Vehicles

Dwight Howard’s Conquest Knight XV
Price tag: $489,000
Before J.R. Smith’s light armoured vehicle, there was Dwight Howard’s Conquest Knight XV. Conquest Vehicles boasts the most luxurious armoured cars in the world, so this one is fitted with a leather interior, conference cabin seating for six, night vision and laptop mounts for passengers. You know, just the basics. On the performance side, the 13,000-pound vehicle ponies up a 6.8 litre V10 with a whopping 400 horsepower. On the upside, it’s not necessarily an ecological disaster on four wheels and runs on bio fuel. But make no mistake—the Knight can still eat your Prius for breakfast.



Joe Johnson’s Ford F-650 Super Truck XUV
Price tag: Estimated $250,000

When you’ve signed one of the biggest contracts in NBA history, you better have a ride to match. This monstrous Ford F-650 Super Truck XUV, belonging to the Nets’ Joe Johnson, features a 200 gallon fuel tank for starters, which would cost approximately $742 to completely fill at today’s prices in Brooklyn. Inside, it is said Johnson has kitted out the vehicle with three flatscreen television screens, a fold-out bed and a train horn—just in case no one sees him barreling up the highway. Topping it off, the standard truck sports a 6.7 litre Cummins engine that maxes out at 360 horsepower, so there’s no telling how much ass Johnson’s Ford hauls after all the custom work he’s had put in.



Chris Andersen’s SportsChassis P4XL
Price tag: $150,000-$250,000

The Birdman has done well for himself. The Miami Heat’s power forward owns this 8.3 litre diesel SportsChassis P4XL, which kicks up 330 ponies and measures in at almost seven metres long. The wheels sport 22.5-inch rims and Mini Cooper-crushing Michelin XZL tires, which belie the luxurious interior’s Italian leather, well, everything. The 6.5-ton vehicle is also one of the largest SUVs on the planet, but you’d never know Andersen is driving it due to its relatively reserved black-on-chrome exterior.



Dennis Rodman’s H1 Hummer
Price tag: $150,000

Okay, compared to armoured trucks and locomotive-lookalikes, Dennis Rodman’s Hummer H1 is admittedly small fries, but it nonetheless rounds out our list as one of the craziest gas-guzzlers ever made. Rodman continued his affair with colour a few months ago when he airbrushed his ride to depict nude women, basketballs and even a caricature of himself peeking out the rear windows over a crackled stone background—it barely beats out his BFF glorious leader Kim Jong-un for needless pageantry.


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