High And Low: Cold Weather Coats

It’s about time you admit to yourself that maybe, just maybe, five layers of clothing is getting a little excessive. Cold weather coats are a great investment piece to add to your wardrobe, more so when you pull out the stops and spend extra for better craftsmanship, materials and details, rendering your purchase your only one for the next decade. We gathered for you some of the finest on-trend coats you can start wearing right now. However, just because you don’t want to throw down some major dough on a designer coat, doesn’t mean you should be left out in the cold. We also included similar styles that can save you a buck (or a hundred).


A-shape parka

The classic light parka makes use of its loose A-shape to create a little room for a few extra layers underneath. Both of these coats also offer high-necked collars and hoods to brace against the wind, as well as all-important drawstrings and rain-proofing that will help you weather any weather. However, Nudie Jeans Co.’s coated Pollux coat is lined with black pile for a bit of added heat retention, and uses real leather. Nonetheless, Uniqlo’s Mountain Parka has the look if you buy one size up and throw it on with a little bit of swagger, not to mention slim-fitting jeans (Nudie Jeans Co., $849; Uniqlo, $59.90).


Stylish technical coat
Technical fabrics have allowed us to make coats that can help us survive where no man was meant to survive, from the rugged trails of the Appalachians to snow and slush-ridden Milwaukee grocery store parking lots. Napapijri has made some of the best (and most fashionable) trek-wear we’ve ever seen, and this mid-length jacket is no exception. Fur-lined hood, multiple pockets and a super-resistant outer shell make this the stuff of arctic expeditions. However, if it’s just the Sir Edmund Hillary look you’re after, check out a similar piece from Banana Republic. The polyester fill and faux-fur trip will still keep you warm if you’re safe in the midwest, while still looking good (Napapijri, $769; Banana Republic, $250).



Slim navy peacoat
If you don’t have a navy peacoat in your wardrobe by now, here are two amazing options in wool. A slim cut gives you that effortless British indie-rocker edge, which is actually a relatively new development for this classic piece with roots in the naval forces. Burberry London makes an unmatched jacket, complete with details such as a plaid undercollar (yes, you have our permission to wear it popped), belted back and full-length venting for mobility. If you really just want a dressy outer layer, you can also look to Topman for a peacoat that’s so slim, you might need to size up. Fewer details don’t sacrifice style and instead give it a streamlined look. Lucky for you, both come in a subtle, dark navy that beats black and grey and day (Burberry London, $885; Topman, $138).



Waxed jacket
Unlike peacoats, the waxed jacket stems from Britain’s hunting heritage. Heavily lined and with plenty of pockets, the outer layer is waxed to improve water and resistance the natural way. Barbour’s Shordace Field Jacket features seven-pocket construction, cotton outer, wool and plaid lining and rustic metal hardware befitting the company’s heritage status. H&M’s waxed jacket offers similar details and more, including epaulets and leather detailing for a more modern and eccentric take on the same (Barbour, $995; H&M, $99).



Duffel coat
The mighty duffel coat blends heavy-as-hell fabrics like coarse wool and twill with some serious style. Slightly oversized and minimizing exposed skin (especially around the neck), it was originally a piece worn by the navy. Burberry took the classic leather toggle button design and oversized hood and upgraded them with luxurious, unlined straw double-faced wool cavalry twill. Lands’ End makes a similar coat, also featuring double-faced wool (except with a water-resistant coating), with toggles made of faux-horn. The best part of both coats is that they can be worn with dressy clothing and your weekend duds (Burberry, $3,295; Land’s End, $189.99).


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