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The NBA is dressing better than ever before, and that’s a fact. However, there is one place that has just as much claim to basketball royalty’s wardrobe as Barney’s New York—Harry Rosen, Canada’s finest when it comes to fancy duds. And that even goes for teams that don’t call Toronto home, Larry Rosen, the chairman and CEO of the luxury chain, is quick to point out. While he can’t say who exactly has been visiting his stores, Harry Rosen’s also where Drake—the NBA’s favourite rapper and the Toronto Raptor’s new global ambassador—quipped he might be looking for a new suit. With an endorsement like that, we figured there’s no better guy to talk to about upping our look. We caught up with Rosen for this fall’s must-have pieces, how street style is finding its way onto the runway and who’s the best-dressed in the NBA (hint: it might just be his home team). What are your top three fall looks this year, whether they’re casual, business or somewhere in between?

Larry Rosen: My top 3 looks are a slim suit with bod furnishings—like a shirt and tie—the peacoat—it’s a timeless, masculine piece that looks great on every guy—and the velvet blazer is a must-have for the upcoming party season.

BnR: Streetwear has been influencing high fashion to a huge degree this fall. Do you have any favourite instances of the two intersecting?

LR: The intersection of streetwear and high fashion sneakers is really exciting right now. Brands like Prada, Lanvin and Margiela are featuring high-top designs that take inspiration from the courts. And the demand is remarkable.

BnR: A lot of the guys on the Raptors suit up at Harry Rosen. Would you rate our home team as exceptionally stylish off the courts?

LR: Generally speaking, the Raptors are one of the best-dressed teams in the league. They dress respectfully, but not boring. They have some panache. I think it stems from the top. Raptors GM Masai Ujiri has exemplary style. He’s got a great appreciation for fashion and fine quality. I can’t say enough about him, he’s just a great dresser.

BnR: In recent years, NBA players and their fans have been becoming notably more interested in style. Do you have any advice for the stereotypical sports fan who wants to start getting more fashionable?

LR: The NBA has never looked better, on or off the court. Guys everywhere are taking note and are generally more interested in how they put themselves together. My best advice is to simply be yourself. Dress smart, not sloppy, and always dress for the occasion. There’s a time for jeans, and a time to dress up.


BnR: Can you tell us about the NBA players that come by your stores?

LR: We’re fortunate to be the destination of choice for many pro-athletes, including the NBA. They respect that we respect their privacy and make it our policy to keep all of our customer’s information confidential. What I can say is that we often welcome players from visiting teams. They show up at the store with almost-empty suitcases, and leave with a new wardrobe in tow. Our reputation for quality and service precedes us.

BnR: Drake suggested that he’ll be dropping by Harry Rosen soon to pick up some new suits.

LR: I have tremendous respect for Drake. He’s a great Canadian, and a great talent. In fact, my son was at Forest Hill Collegiate when Drake was a student there. He’s a great ambassador to Toronto and will represent the Raptors well. Let’s just say, he’s loyal to more Toronto institutions than just the Raptors.


BnR: Are you a hometown fan of the Raptors? Do you have a favourite NBA moment?

LR: I’m a hometown fan. My good friend Danny Reiss of Canada Goose has courtside seats at the ACC. That for me is the ultimate experience.

BnR: Harry Rosen is in what seems to be an expansion push, having recently opened some incredible new locations. What are keys to success that have helped Harry Rosen become one of the finest companies in Canada?

LR: My father, Harry Rosen, is an entrepreneur. As we head into our 60th year in 2014, the organization has grown and is more sophisticated than ever, but we’ve never lost our entrepreneurial spirit or drive. That’s very important to the culture of Harry Rosen.

We’re specialists. We do one thing and we do it extremely well. We focus on menswear and are regarded as being among the best menswear retailers in the world today. I have to give credit to our people. We work with the best in the business and many people have spent their entire careers with us.

BnR: Thank you for joining us!


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